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Miami building collapse: What do we know about the victims?
05-07-2021, 07:29 AM
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Miami building collapse: What do we know about the victims?
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A firefighter's seven-year-old daughter is the latest victim to be found in the rubble of the tower block that collapsed in Surfside, Florida, on 24 June. Twenty-two people have been confirmed dead and 126 others are still missing.

The search for survivors has been slow, as rescuers sort through the rubble in sweltering heat and high humidity. Those missing include a devoted grandmother, a beloved teacher and the sister of Paraguay's first lady.Here is what we know about some of the others who have died, and some of those who are still missing.

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'They didn't want to be apart from each other'
Antonio Lozano, 83, and his wife Gladys, 79, are among those confirmed dead after their son Sergio Lozano gave officials a DNA sample.

They were about to celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary in July and had known each other for more than 60 years.
The couple used to joke that neither wanted the other one to die first, because they did not want to be apart from each other.Mr Lozano could see his parents' apartment from his own home and heard the crash of the collapse. When he ran to the window, he could no longer see their apartment.

He told reporters that he took some comfort in the knowledge that they "went together and went quickly".

A father who loved baseball with his son
Manuel LaFont, 54, lived on the eighth floor of the building and has also been confirmed dead.

Mr LaFont's two children, a 10-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, had been spending time with him that day, but were picked up by their mother - Mr LaFont's ex-wife - just hours before the collapse.
"My children were born again, and I was born again as well," she said.
Mr LaFont would often be found playing baseball with his young son, the Miami Herald reports.

Danny Berry, director of the Miami Beach Youth Baseball League, told the paper that "they were out there [playing baseball] until the lights went out".
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23-06-2022, 01:40 PM
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RE: Miami building collapse: What do we know about the victims?
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