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Smartphone face disease, who is at risk?
29-06-2021, 06:18 AM (Tento příspěvek byl naposledy změněn: 29-06-2021 06:19 AM od pippy.)
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Smartphone face disease, who is at risk?
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Because the disease is directly related to smartphones. The risk group is not anyone anywhere. But they are people who are addicted to smartphones and spend a lot of time playing on their smartphones frequently, regardless of age group. but if it is in the elderly It may cause symptoms to occur more quickly due to the lack of flexibility in the skin already.

How to treat smartphone face disease

This disease, although there is no immediate cure. But it can be treated by surgery. This ranges from Botox injections, filler injections, or even surgery to tighten the face. But it only helps to treat only temporarily, and it may also be harmful if used continuously for a long time. Which is not that surgery is the only way to make the face back to the same firmness. There are also products used to tighten the muscles in the neck that can be done at home. Or is it doing facial yoga? It can help tighten the face.

How to prevent smartphone face disease

Prevention is not difficult. Just avoid using your smartphone for a long time and keep your phone at eye level. or at a level that doesn't have to look down too much So that the neck does not have to tense and does not put too much pressure on the cheek area. These methods, in addition to preventing Smart face disease, can also help prevent diseases related to using smartphones for a long time. Can you see many benefits?

Using a smartphone for a long time It also has many negative effects on the body. Not just smartphone face disease or text neck disease, so in order to prevent encountering health problems It should reduce the use of smartphones to a minimum only as necessary. may sound difficult But if we really intend to do it, we believe that we can definitely do it.

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10-09-2021, 08:15 AM
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RE: Smartphone face disease, who is at risk?
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