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Why "Writing" Has Become a Healing Tool
10-06-2021, 05:27 AM
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Why "Writing" Has Become a Healing Tool
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“Healing” is a short term, but it is widely used. If you search for the meaning of the word therapy, it means to relax, relieve, alleviate. and mostly used to convey the meaning of "healing suffering, healing"
The current situation, the hustle and bustle, the economic recession, and the epidemic (Coronavirus 2019) that cannot be permanently controlled at the moment. As a result, we humans have accumulated stress. If you don't find a way to relieve stress for a long time, you can get sick both physically and mentally.
What helps to relieve the symptoms that we are experiencing? unhappiness or sadness and reduced stress Or sometimes it can be very helpful that the symptoms that used to be ailments do not come back. This kind of healing We don't have to rely on chemical drugs. or may be used in conjunction with modern medical treatment Such an approach is called "therapy", and it can be any kind of therapy depending on the person's preferences. for example

* Music therapy. Research has shown that music can help relieve stress. help relax or even help plants and animals feel good, resulting in better yields, better taste

* Natural Therapy It is an alternative treatment for some cancer patients who choose this treatment.

* Physical therapy, some people suffer from paralysis Finally, I have to learn to move my new body and learn to walk. learn to help yourself by doing physical therapy

* Meditation therapy is another therapy that covers our human mind.

But do you believe that? Not only the things mentioned above will help us relieve stress. Feel relaxed. "Writing" is another thing that helps heal our human mental state as well. because writing is considered an art but must know the techniques of writing for therapy It is therefore not surprising that If we write in "writing", we can use writing to heal our mental state as well.

Why has "writing" become a healing tool for physical and mental health? When reading this far, many people may be wondering and wanting to know the reason.
Writing is a therapy. can improve our own health It has been proven to have both physical and mental benefits, including

Reduce anxiety, rumination and depressive symptoms in convicted patients

Reduces traumatic depression and traumatic stress in both children and adults.

Reduce symptoms of disease and improve patients with irritable bowel syndrome to understand and accept their symptoms.

In fact, writing can be considered another hobby for many people. Don't be misled into thinking that "writing" is just a matter of those who are professional writers. No, "writing" is a thing. everyone can do it It cannot be denied that we have all been able to write and write together since the beginning of school as a child. As more activities become involved in our lives, sometimes we may overlook and place less emphasis on writing.

Some people have books, music, games, cell phones. a lonely friend enjoy Forget about the troubles that go through life But there are not many people who choose to express their suffering or problems in their hearts through letters. Line up the words with "writing".

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03-09-2021, 01:15 PM
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RE: Why "Writing" Has Become a Healing Tool
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