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“Computer systems” that have existed since the past. until now
03-06-2021, 11:18 AM
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“Computer systems” that have existed since the past. until now
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computer system Today, it is much more advanced than the first time it was born. Because in the early days the computer was born, it was defined as a calculator because the manufacturer intended it to be. But after that, the computer system has developed a lot. Today, I will take you to get to know the 11 systems of computers from the past until today as follows.

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1. Non operating system or a system that does not have an operating system
In the early days of computer production, it has not been developed into a system like today. So the computer is like an empty box. at nothing If you want your computer to do whatever you want. There must be someone to write a program to work and have to check and input data at the same time. It can be said that a computer is just a device. It can't decide anything on its own. Therefore, the use will be in a narrow circle only.

2. Batch system Batch system
After the era of command input This system is a more efficient computer operation than the previous system. But the operation of the system is not very functional. Because the system can only do this once. Therefore, the person responsible for collecting the work must be the one who accepts the work from the developer. In order to organize the use of computer commands by sorting out similar tasks. To be arranged according to importance and must be arranged correctly according to the nature of the program as well. When the grouping is complete, it is then sent to the computer for processing.

3.Bufferin system
This system has increased the ability of the system to work better. which can receive and transmit data simultaneously After the work of computers in the previous era, it was to receive information in one way. Allowing developers to create a computer system that can store data into memory from the previous era to send instructions directly to the CPU at all, which would allow time to perform various processing. Will be able to do so immediately and can also load data to replace immediately without having to wait as well

4. Spooling
With basic multiprogramming, the CPU performs better. because it will be an intermediary that can work at the same time both jobs One is processing, which is in the CPU section, and the second is data transmission and display.

5. Multiprogramming
It is a system that makes the usage of the CPU more efficient. With the work of the system to load data into the main memory first. and perform processing functions immediately which the system will select the work to process by itself without having to sit and enter the data to be tired
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31-08-2021, 10:07 PM
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RE: “Computer systems” that have existed since the past. until now
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