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Russian opposition activist sent to jail amid crackdown
03-06-2021, 06:04 AM
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Russian opposition activist sent to jail amid crackdown
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A Russian court on Wednesday sent a prominent opposition activist to jail pending a probe, as authorities continue to crack down on dissent ahead of September's parliamentary election.

In the southern city of Krasnodar, a court ordered Andrei Pivovarov, the head of the Open Russia movement that has just disbanded itself, ติดตั้ง slotxo to be held for two months pending an investigation, rejecting the defense's appeal against his arrest.

Last week, Open Russia's leaders dissolved the group to protect its members from prosecution after Russian authorities designated it as an “undesirable” organization along with more than 30 others, using a 2015 law that made membership in such organizations a criminal offense.

Pivovarov rejected the charges and pointed out during the court hearing that the criminal probe against him was opened two days after Open Russia shut down.

He was pulled off a Warsaw-bound plane at St. Petersburg's airport just before takeoff late Monday and taken to Krasnodar, where authorities accused him of supporting a local election candidate last year on behalf of an “undesirable” organization.

On Wednesday, a court in Moscow is also set to consider investigators' request to lock up Dmitry Gudkov, a former Russian lawmaker who has aspired to run again for a parliament seat. Gudkov was detained Tuesday on financial charges that he and his supporters allege were trumped up.

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, rejected suggestions of political motives for the investigations of Gudkov and Pivovarov, telling reporters that “the accusations filed by law enforcement agencies have no relation to politics.”
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31-08-2021, 08:25 PM
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RE: Russian opposition activist sent to jail amid crackdown
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