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Home testing study needs 40,000 people to take part
03-05-2021, 11:19 AM
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Home testing study needs 40,000 people to take part
Home testing study needs 40,000 people to take part

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The head of ลองเล่นสล็อตฟรี a new trial asking contacts of positive Covid cases to take daily
lateral flow tests instead of self-isolating, has called for 40,000 people to take part.

Professor Isabel Oliver, Public Health England's national infection service director, says:
"If this allows us to return to a greater normality then it would be a great step forward."

She tells BBC Breakfast anyone who has been in contact with a positive case will also be given
a PCR test at the start and end of the study, and at any point that a rapid test gives a positive

If they test positive they have to self-isolate - but if they test negative all week, they can carry
on with their lives, she says.

Anybody identified as a contact of a positive case who is over 18, who is not required to
quarantine after returning from a high-risk area, and does not have a variant of concern,
will be offered the opportunity to take part in the trial - as part of the normal contact tracing
process, she says.

She urges people to take part if they are contacted.

"We are grateful for everyone's help with this study, its really important in our fight against
this deadly virus."
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