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How to drink coffee without getting fat for coffee lovers
03-05-2021, 11:16 AM
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How to drink coffee without getting fat for coffee lovers
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Coffee is considered a popular drink for many people. For working people. It is considered an energizing drink to start the day together. But did you know that the coffee we drink every day? It is the main cause of weight gain. If you want to lose weight But addicted to drinking coffee Today we have a solution to leave each other.

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Iced Coffee
Each iced coffee order is usually added whipped cream. Which makes the coffee cup calories up to 500 - 600 calories, there are also cakes or desserts to be eaten with coffee. It may provide energy up to 1,000 kilocalories, causing the body to get too much energy. For those who love a large size coffee that comes with a sandwich and then You get 1500 calories, which is a very high calorie limit. In particular, women should get about 2,000 kcal of energy each day.
Therefore, drinking coffee with a snack or dessert. This will leave us with only 500 calories that can be added. Therefore, eating iced coffee in each cup Will allow us to receive many extras such as sugar, milk, creamer, whipped cream, desserts that all cause rapid weight gain. Therefore, new coffee drinking habits have to be adjusted. To help make weight loss more effective

How to drink coffee without getting fat
The first way is to stop drinking coffee altogether. It may sound very difficult to do. Because we drink coffee and become a habit Coffee is something that helps raise brain power. Stimulate daily energy But if unable to stop drinking coffee It's time to change the way you drink coffee.
For those who want to lose weight but still want to drink coffee Switch to drinking black coffee at all. Without sugar and creamer by 1 cup of black coffee has only 17 - 19 calories.
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19-08-2021, 02:21 AM
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RE: How to drink coffee without getting fat for coffee lovers
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