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Summarize the list of new Apple products expected to debut tonight at Spring Loaded.
21-04-2021, 05:41 AM
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Summarize the list of new Apple products expected to debut tonight at Spring Loaded.
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After a few hours, Apple's Spring Loaded event, the first event this year, will officially kick off (April 21 at midnight). Thailand time)

Of course, as we all know, that is, Apple will make a new product tonight. Come out for us to see each other

Starting with the time-changing iPad Pro, it was recently revealed that it would be the first tablet to feature a dedicated 12.9-inch สล็อตxo mini-LED display, reportedly up to 0.5 in length and width. Millimeters, but the device is noticeably thinner

The 11-inch iPad Pro will remain the same size and display the same as last year's model. And the screen still has the same OLED, but what has changed is The power to get the Apple A14X is expected to be more powerful than the Apple M1 previously released.

The details of the iPad Mini will have a larger screen, 8.7 inches, a full screen without a Home button, but will also have a Mini LED screen as well. The 9 will have a thinner body like the iPad Air 3 and have the same 10.2-inch screen.

But the latest news from MacRumors has revealed that the iPad Mini 6th generation will still have the same Home button with Touch ID, but will upgrade the screen to a bigger one. And the edge of the device is thinner, but there may be an iPad Pro Mini, it is possible.

AirPods 3 will look different from the original. But similar to AirPods Pro because there is a silicone cover to lock the ear But without the Active Noise Cancellation feature, it is expected to debut at the event as well.

Although the iPad Generation 8 was not released before the full year. It's also possible that Apple might launch the cheaper and more appealing iPad Generation 9. The device is thinner. Equipped with a 10.5-inch screen along with 4GB of RAM, Apple A13 or the same power as the iPhone 11.

In the rumors, besides the big hardware and headphones, there will also be a new AirTags tracking device. The device can track what you love and can't find through the Find My program, which Apple has previously revealed that other devices can now be searched through the Find My program.

In addition to the launch of the new iPad Pro, there is a possibility that the Apple Pencil 3 will also be launched. But there is still no information on the new features. But expect this pen to come with a black color Exclamation Only, or maybe a new color, it is possible.

Apple Watch bands and seasonal iPhone cases may also be unveiled, along with the MagSafe Battery Pack, an always-on iPhone 12 charging accessory. And most importantly, the coming of the latest iOS 14.5

For friends That didn't go anywhere May be waiting for the screen and come and win at the same time. Meet us, Sanook Hitech team for sure tonight.
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