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Benefits that the body receives from protein With a natural source of protein that sh
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Benefits that the body receives from protein With a natural source of protein that sh
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1. The system in the body works normally.
Proteins are amino acids that help build hormones, enzymes and immune substances in the body. It also helps to maintain the proper amount of water in cells and in blood vessels. That results in various systems In the body to function normally

2. Helps replace lost muscle mass.
Body movement เข้าเกม slotxo Or doing daily activities All cause the body to lose muscle mass Therefore, each day we have to eat protein foods in order to help them replace the lost muscle mass.

3. Exercise for longer.
Because protein is a nutrient that helps build strong muscles. It also helps to repair muscle loss while the body is moving or exercising as well. So it's no surprise that eating protein foods allows us to exercise longer. It also helps reduce injuries as well.

4.Strong, toned muscles
As we all know, protein nutrients are more likely to lead to a fuller stomach than fatty or carbohydrate nutrients. Thus contributing to the strength and toning of the muscles Suitable for people who want to lose weight a lot.

20 foods that provide varying amounts of protein nutrients

1.Eggs contain 35% protein.

2. Almonds contain 13% protein.

3. Chicken breast contains 80% protein content.

4. Oats contain 15% protein.

5. Greek yogurt Has a protein content of 48%

6. Milk contains 21% protein.

7. Broccoli contains 20% protein.

8. Tuna has 94% protein content.

9.Lean beef Has 53% protein content

10. Turkey breast has 70% protein content.

11.Pumpkin seeds Has a protein content of 14%

12.Fish contains 46% protein.

13. Shrimp has 90% protein content.

14.Peanuts contain 16% protein.

15. Brussels sprouts contain 17% protein.

16.Ezekiel Bread contains 20% protein.

17.Lentils It has 27% protein content.

18. Quinoa contains 15% protein.

19. Whey Protein Has 90% protein content

20.Cottage cheese has a protein content of 59%.
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