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5 reasons to explain why we "explore space"?
22-03-2021, 07:44 AM
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5 reasons to explain why we "explore space"?
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Many people may be wondering that It's just not enough about the world to explore each other? To find as far as the outer space, and most importantly, why are some humans interested in space exploration? The matter of space is not far from the example I thought. Especially with Thai people Because Thailand has a dream (And began to act) to build a spacecraft to travel space. Or sent to visit the Earth's satellite moon Goals for the next 7 years according to Prof. Anek Lao Thammatat Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Interviewed

Therefore, we present the main reasons why we need to explore space. And why should we care about where the technology for space exploration has gone?

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1. Find opportunities and possibilities to migrate humans to other planets.

All scientific proofs It arose out of human curiosity. Which is one of the reasons why humans are interested in space Started from the curiosity that in addition to the planet What else is there in the universe? Is there any other planets that we humans can migrate to? If our planet really expires, then it needs to be explored to see if there are planets whose environment is suitable for life like Earth. Which planets have traces of life? Including the possibility for humans to migrate to new planets

As we see That today our world faces countless disasters We can not be sure that the end of the world that they say will be true or not. Which, if there is true, we must survive the disaster Hope is To live in a new world.

2. Find knowledge in astronomy, science, the origin of the universe.

Science education is incorporated into the learning of children and young people. Which is the basic knowledge and knowledge closest to us New knowledge of space exploration will bring updates to the knowledge that humans should know, for example, scientists once classified Pluto as one of the planets of the solar system. But then one day Pluto was removed. Even though the stars are still in the same place Explore and explore Pluto is among the dwarf planets and so on.

Knowledge of Earth and Space It can be further developed into new knowledge. Therefore, the exploration of space by certain groups of people is a challenging problem in enhancing the knowledge of mankind. It is the starting point for the development of knowledge in various fields when the universe is vast and infinite. There is no end to knowledge either.

And knowledge of astronomy Make scientists know that the planet Each star has its life expectancy. Like knowledge of the origin of the universe and life And humans still have to rely on natural resources Which today all resources will only be depleted; nature has been created to replace it Visits to other planets are in search of resources, energy sources for use on Earth. If in the end we might not even leave the world Having visited first, there is a chance to reserve first. Because it has no owner yet

3. Use knowledge of space technology to develop and use in daily life.

Did you know? That the devices that we use today Part of it was invented and invented as a solution to problems when humans were to be extraterrestrial, for example, frozen food was developed from the food that astronauts eat out of this world. CT Scan It is a visual aid and navigation tool for astronauts. To travel in the dark space Insulation It has evolved from the parts necessary to send spacecraft out of the world. Because the fuel has to be burned until it produces heat And become energy to send the spacecraft out of the earth, using satellites to explore the earth's resources And predict the weather
And in the future, if the knowledge of space technology becomes more advanced We may see new industries emerging on the planet. It could be the space tour industry. The hotel industry in space Space waste collection industry With a new technology There are few competitors Marketing opportunities are great. Who knew that it could generate a huge amount of money in the future?

4. Observing the objects that will fall to the earth.

Our planet is frequently exposed to severe extraterrestrial hazards, such as meteor crashes, which allow us to gain knowledge of observation and computation. The time when the meteorite will fall or the comet will hit the Earth. Observing the black spots on the sun This helps predict the intensity of the solar storm. In order to be prepared in advance Even from outer space, they cause disturbances to the world and life on it.

Not only Benefits from space exploration It can also be used to predict the occurrence of lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, meteor showers, smiling moons. Or any phenomenon for human beings like us to see each other If there is no prediction or calculation We will never have the opportunity to prepare to see these beautiful phenomena.

5. Political implications

Traveling to space It is a long time to declare the power of a superpower of some countries. Because any human nation will send a spaceship Send the human world up to challenge the gravity of that world. Demonstrated readiness in many areas, including knowledge of science, physics, technology, engineers, personnel, and enormous funding. All of this serves as evidence of how great a country is.
The clearest example Is the space technology war between two world powers during the Cold War Like the United States and the Soviet Union And today it is still competing for the same purpose as in the Cold War. It is usurping greatness in the world, that is, the United States and China.

Not only Space technology can also promote national security, such as spy satellite technology. Satellite technology for the benefit of the military Or development that we don't want to see take shape Is to order satellites, the more missiles, anything like this
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01-08-2021, 03:07 PM
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RE: 5 reasons to explain why we "explore space"?
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05-11-2021, 01:19 AM
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RE: 5 reasons to explain why we "explore space"?
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