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"Lemon juice" is an additional aid in the "weight loss" of people who love it
15-03-2021, 06:50 AM
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"Lemon juice" is an additional aid in the "weight loss" of people who love it
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It is well known that eating beverages containing fruits and vegetables is very good for our health. Because they all contain natural nutrients To help balance the body and lemon juice is another drink that provides benefits as well. More importantly, it is also suitable for those who are starting a weight loss program, but will it really reduce it? How much You can follow in this article.

Can lemon juice really lose weight?

Drinking lemonade In the right amount It may help your internal organs to increase the efficiency of metabolism as well. It may also make you feel less hungry. Feel full easier
According to the study of the researchers found Nutrients in lemons Able to increase the activity of mitochondria (Mitochondria) and organelles (Organelle) that are cells to generate energy. Leading to stimulating heat to the metabolic system Until getting results of losing weight that follow
There were 14 participants in this trial, with each person drinking 16.9 ounces or 0.5 liters of lemon juice, which was quite satisfactory. Because researchers saw a system of energy metabolism Which has an increased work rate of up to 30%

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How to drink lemonade? Good for your body

The lemon juice is useful in terms of weight loss. But should not forget to take into account the safety Because lemon juice is high in certain acids That may cause damage to your internal organs.
Making good self-drink lemonade Should be mixed with 1 glass of water to dilute the acidity. Or may be mixed with other herbal drinks More importantly, it should be eaten in conjunction with exercise. And eat food in each meal to complete the principles of common nutrition To promote the body to get other nutrients as well.

Disadvantages of drinking lemon water for weight loss

Some nutritionists and health professionals disagree with this method. Because drinking only lemon juice Without consulting a doctor Or an experienced person It can cause negative health problems as follows.

The body is malnourished
The weight is losing too quickly.
Causing gallstones, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue easily
Therefore, drinking lemon juice each time should not drink in excessive amounts. Or should not drink lemon juice as a main meal instead of rice. And it may be necessary to seek further advice from a dietitian. To request a weight loss diet plan based on your health problems.
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"Lemon juice" is an additional aid in the "weight loss" of people who love it - pippy - 15-03-2021 06:50 AM

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