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Awesome International Standards Details? Tip#48
Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems- Global Transport Data Management
Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)- Global transport data management (GTDM) framework (ISO/TS 21184:2021) CEN ISO/TS 21184:2021
International standards created for the transportation systems sector can be both worldwide and narrow-profile. Meaning a particular category, that or this record explains both a certain technology and specific mechanisms. One of the most striking examples is that the CEN ISO / TS 21184: 2021 normal. This document specifies a worldwide transport data management (GTDM) framework composed of

-- international transportation basic information model,
-- global transport access control data model,
-- global transportation function screen information model, and
-- sensor and control network data model to support data exchange between applications.

This record defines standardized data courses in a Global Transport Data Format (GTDF), and the capacity to manage them. Program and role-based access control to resources in GTDF are specified in accordance with IEEE 1609.2 certificates. This document defines GTDM as an ITS-S capacity that's an optional attribute (ITS-capabilities are given in ISO 24102-6). The GT access control (GTAC) data model specifies access permissions to function and data control by specifying role-based mechanisms. The GT function monitor (GTFM) data model defines a configuration procedure to create a flow logic for tracking purposes, e.g. detecting data parameters with respect of a defined limit. The abstract to this record has a number of technological parameters that will let you ensure this particular standard is necessary for you, or it will give you an comprehension of the requirement to create a decision in favor of a more suitable document specifically for your organization. If a high number of technical parameters misleads you, you can follow the link on our site and seek guidance from experts in the business of selection of global standards.

Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS)- Guidelines on the usage of standards- Part 1: Standardization landscape and releases (ISO/TR 21186-1:2021) CEN ISO/TR 21186-1:2021.
Regardless of the fact that in most cases international standardization is made to regulate certain types of human action in establishing mechanisms, in addition to introducing innovative technologies, it ought to be noted that global documents are also being generated that are a sort of clarifying standard for other files, the so-called guidelines, one of which is CEN ISO / TR 21186-1: 2021.
This record

-- describes standardization activities associated with C-ITS on a worldwide level by major standard development organizations (SDOs);
-- describes the different purposes of deliverables from SDOs and presents a classification scheme of these files;
-- explains methods how C-ITS services are presented and performed;
-- identifies an approach for C-ITS releases and illustrates this strategy;
-- presents a listing of standards (Bibliography) with particular significance for C-ITS.

If your organization or business employs international standards regulating transportation systems, this norm can significantly simplify the implementation of these documents into an present structure, explaining certain stipulations, methods of utilizing different documents, in addition to possible misunderstandings that may arise because of the interpretation of these terms used.

Public transport- Interoperable fare management system- Part 1: Architecture (ISO 24014-1:2021) EN ISO 24014-1:2021
When it comes to the regulation of public transportation, which is widely employed for the movement of people, it is necessary to be aware that this specific category of transportation is responsible for individual lives, and therefore must necessarily be controlled by regulatory legal acts like EN ISO 24014-1: 2021.

This document gives guidelines for the growth of multi-operator/multi-service interoperable public surface (like subways) transportation fare management systems (IFMSs) on a national and global level. This document is applicable to bodies in public transport and related services that agree that their systems need to interoperate. This document defines a conceptual framework that is independent of physical and organizational implementation. Any reference in this document to physical or organizational execution is purely informative. This document defines a reference practical structure for IFMSs and establishes the requirements that are relevant for ensuring interoperability between many actors in the context of their usage of electronic tickets.

The IFMS includes all the functions involved with the fare management procedure, such as:
-- management of media,
-- management of software,
-- direction of products,

This document defines the following principal components:
-- identification of the different collections of functions in relation to the overall IFMS and services and media from non-transport systems that interact with fare management methods;
-- a generic model of an IFMS describing the logical and functional architecture and the interfaces within the machine, with other IFMSs and with services and media in non-transport systems;
-- use cases describing the connections and information flows between the different sets of purposes;
-- security requirements.

In its annexes, this document provides a framework for freedom platforms that incorporate fare management and travel information for inter- and multimodal travel (see Annex A).

This document does not define:
-- the technical aspects of the interface between the medium and the medium access device;
-- the information exchanges between the moderate and the medium access device;

NOTE The data exchanges between the medium and the medium access device are proposed by other standardization committees.
-- the financial aspects of fare management methods (e.g. customer payments, method of payment, settlement, apportionment, reconciliation).

Please be aware before purchasing this document it has a particular number of alterations and subcategories, where it does not use and to which its recommendations cannot be extended. That is the reason we advise you to study all of its characteristics and parameters in more detail.

Standards would be the most economical way for development of the Organization
International standardization of transport systems has ever been applicable even prior to the creation of such foreign files as ISO standards. They took the form of a particular technological foundation in the shape of recommendations for building the entire system. It must be noted once again that transport technologies are primarily accountable for the security and life of a person, which is why, to begin with, when constructing a business that integrates these technologies or entirely concentrates on it, it is crucial to minimize all probable risks. If you apply the global standards listed above, but from previous years of novel, we recommend that you continuously monitor their updates in order to remain up to date with the most recent recommendations and needs of the current market.

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