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"COVID" tumultuously touches National Bank reserves "Chinese New Year" banknotes down
06-02-2021, 06:36 AM
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"COVID" tumultuously touches National Bank reserves "Chinese New Year" banknotes down
[Obrázky: dFQROr7oWzulq5Fa4VdlCHGcfc298vBqdfU1DSFQ...yMXiFl.jpg]

Mr. Somboon Chit is Thom Assistant Governor Bank card issuing line Bank of Thailand (BOT) disclosed that the banknote reserve for ดาวน์โหลด slotxo spending during the Chinese New Year in February 2021, as usual every year during the festival, people's demand for banknotes is higher than usual. In which this year The BOT considered from the overall economic factors. This includes the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic situation. Which affects the expenditure of the people

It was found that demand for additional banknotes was not as high as in the past, which the Bank of Thailand estimates. Commercial banks will have bank notes disbursed from the BOT in the two weeks before the Chinese New Year. Although the disbursement will continue to increase from the normal period of banknote disbursement. But it will decrease when compared to the Chinese New Year in the previous year. Last year

“The reason that the BOT expects that in the Chinese New Year, there will be a decrease in demand for banknotes in spending from the previous year. Because people are concerned about spending. As a result of the economy that is still in a sluggish state Coupled with a slowdown in the tourism sector In addition, the Bank of Thailand has prepared to reserve different types of banknotes in order to increase the trend of electronic payments. To accommodate the needs that are sufficiently ".
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