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The galactic core of the Milky Way is overflowing with multicolored spirals in the ne
29-05-2021, 06:24 AM
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The galactic core of the Milky Way is overflowing with multicolored spirals in the ne
[Obrázky: galactic_lg.jpg]

In the center of slotxoเล่นผ่านเว็บ our Milky Way galaxy, spirals of superheated gas and magnetic fields are linked to create a spectacular galactic display captured with striking new panoramic images from the X-Ray Observatory. NASA's Chandra The new images of the Milky Way's core build on previous observations from Chandra and other observatories.These newest observations stretch up above and below the plane of our galaxy, or the disk capable of. Most of the stars of the Milky Way were found more than previous imaging efforts, according to a NASA statement.

In the panorama, you can see areas of orange, green, blue and purple that represent different X-ray energy. Radio data from the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa can be seen in gray and purple. In the labeled image provided by the Chandra team, you can also identify different features of the galactic center, such as the Sagittarius A * supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
These hot gases may "bind" together by a thin band of the magnetic field, researchers present in a study published April 27 in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Galaxies are ecosystems," said lead researcher Daniel Wang, a professor in the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Department of Astronomy, in a separate statement. "We know the center of galaxies is where action takes place and plays a huge role in their evolution.It is difficult to study the center of our own galaxy as it is obscured by dust and gas, Wang explained in a statement. However, by using Chandra, which was observed in an X-ray instead of visible light, the researchers were able to "cut through" the fog, so to speak.

The stunning visuals also provide the clearest picture of a pair of X-rayed plumes coming from the center of our galaxy, according to the statement. The event also revealed a particularly interesting topic known as G0.17-0.41. "This topic reveals a new phenomenon,Wang thinks that this thread can serve as evidence of the reconnection of the magnetic field, which occurs when opposing magnetic fields are repelled together and emit an incredible amount of energy. "It's a radical process," Wang said, adding that the discovery of this thread is just the tip of the iceberg that reconnects
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