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How to check if the infection is in the lungs or not by measuring the oxygen - pippy - 25-07-2021 07:40 AM

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For COVID patients in hospital or field hospital Even if there is no shortness of breath or shortness of breath, your doctor may test your blood oxygen level. to monitor pneumonia symptoms by various methods such as

- Use a fingertip pulse oximeter, if the blood oxygen content is less than 96%, it indicates lung abnormalities. which must be treated immediately

- The 6-minute walk (6-minute walk test) is a way to check physical fitness. to check the symptoms of people with early stage pneumonia The method is to have the patient walk briskly for 6 minutes if they have pneumonia. will feel tired easily tired faster than usual heart beat faster high blood pressure compared to normal time and blood oxygen levels may drop to less than 96%.

- Air cycling for 3 minutes or walk around the bed for 3 minutes or more and compare blood oxygen levels before and after the test. If the oxygen value decreases by 3% or more, it is considered hypoxia after exertion. (Exercise-induced Hypoxia)

- Exercise by standing up - sitting (Sit-to-Stand Tests) to determine the initial condition of the lungs. This will help screen for COVID patients who have not found pneumonia in the early stages. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nithipat Jearakul recommends the following test methods:

must-have equipment
- A sturdy chair with a backrest. but no armrest Height from seat to floor 40-50 cm.
- Fingertip oxygen meter Or if a fingertip oximeter is not available, a Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen (SpO2) measurement can be used.

testing procedure
1. Measure fingertip oxygen If there is no instrument, take a pulse for 1 minute, how many times you get it?
2. Get up and sit with a chair. by not holding hands on the chair There should be someone watching in front to prevent a head-on crash.
3. Get up and sit for 1 minute, take it as fast as you can.
4. After 1 minute, try to measure oxygen. If the drop is more than 3% or if the pulse is more than 120 beats / minute, or the patient is breathing heavily. can't speak in words This indicates that there may be a problem in the lungs. not enough oxygen

However, even if the figure fell by less than 3%, the lungs were probably still good. But it doesn't guarantee that it's not covid as well, so you should test yourself often. Especially those with mild symptoms can check by themselves. For those who are not yet infected with COVID, they can do it to use as their own standard before pneumonia

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