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Last Apple Daily newspaper edition sold out across Hong Kong - limited - 24-06-2021 09:35 AM

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Across Hong Kong, people lined up early Thursday to buy the last print edition of the last remaining pro-democracy newspaper.

By 8:30 a.m., Apple Daily's final edition of 1 million copies was sold out across most of the city's สล็อตทดลองเล่นฟรี newsstands. The newspaper said it would cease operations after police froze $2.3 million in assets, searched its office and arrested five top editors and executives last week, accusing them of foreign collusion to endanger national security — another sign Beijing is tightening its grip on the semi-autonomous. city.

In recent years, the newspaper has become increasingly outspoken, criticizing Chinese and Hong Kong authorities for limiting the city's freedoms not found in mainland China and accusing them of reneging on a promise to protect them for 50 years after the 1997 handover from Britain.

The pressure on the paper — and Hong Kong's civil liberties — increased after authorities responded to massive protests in 2019 with a sweeping national security law — used in the arrests of the newspaper employees — and revamped Hong Kong's election laws to keep opposition voices out of the. legislature.

“This is our last day, and last edition, does this reflect the reality that Hong Kong has started to lose its press freedom and freedom of speech?” said an Apple Daily graphic designer, Dickson Ng. “Why does it have to end up like this? Why is there not going to be the Apple (Daily) newspaper any more in Hong Kong?”

To a big applause, associate publisher Chan Pui-man told staff who gathered around the newsroom Wednesday night: “You've done a great job, everyone!” Chan was one of the five arrested last week.

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