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Trying to game on college wifi
16-05-2018, 04:05 PM
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Trying to game on college wifi

So I'm a big gamer recently off to college. My favorite game, Smite (as well as other online games), doesn't seem to work properly over the school wifi. I'd call it lag, but to be more exact, it is working perfectly, with around 90 ping, and then ever 30 seconds lagging REALLY badly. Smite is fast-paced, and i can't really play at a competitive level with that problem.So I've tried a couple of things. I have tried to lower the game settings, with no effect. I've tried gaming late nights/early morning, with no effect on the weird lag again. So I'm pretty sure they are throttling the gaming wifi.I am not an idiot expecting a magic fix. However, I'm a little peeved. My normal response to the lag/throttle would be to just get my own wifi, after trying a physical line in place of wifi. Unfortunately my college has banned any wifi not their own (they claim wifi will interfere with each other.... which i don't think is a thing but it might be), and if the ports ever existed in on-campus housing, they are now blocked and inaccessible. So you can see why I'm frustrated.Am i royally screwed? Off-campus housing isnt an option, i cant afford it, and I'm not going to make my parents pay considerably more just so I can play a videogame. I don't know anything else to try?

Please help.

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31-07-2020, 05:35 PM
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