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Hong Kong students and citizens flock to immigrate After China
05-08-2021, 09:49 AM
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Hong Kong students and citizens flock to immigrate After China
Hong Kong students and citizens flock to immigrate After China regulates the education system - apply the security law

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Straits newspaper website The Times reported that Many Hong Kong residents, especially students and students, have left Hong Kong.namhomthai There are concerns about the impact of China's enforcement of national security laws last year. More Hong Kong residents have decided to migrate from Hong Kong to the UK. After the Chinese government overhauled the education system
Hong Kong engineer Alan Chan told the Straits Times that he had taken his family to the UK in July. Due to the political changes that occurred in Hong Kong two years ago, he was unable to tolerate the old environment. He wants his children to grow up in a democratic environment and have more freedom in school.

The Chinese government announced new rules on July 23, banning for-profit tutoring schools in core school subjects. to reduce the financial burden on parents It also ordered restrictions on foreign investment in education businesses. both in the form of mergers and acquisitions acquisition or buying a franchise

Ivan Choi, a professor at the Department of Politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said the Hong Kong education sector will face pressure as the new school year kicks off next month, with teachers and schools expected to face obstacles to financial because the students enrolled in The number has greatly decreased.

“The Chinese and Hong Kong governments view Media and education businesses should bear the greatest responsibility for youth. The government thinks these two sectors need to be improved. But the measure has caused enrollment in 2020 to fall the most in more than a decade, a situation that is eroding the financial stability of schools that are losing both tuition and subsidies. government while many students dropped out,” he said.

The Hong Kong government has announced that it will cut ties with the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, the largest teacher union in Hong Kong. alleging that The teachers' union is trying to set fire to the city in support of the pro-democracy movement. While Chinese government media said Such a union is a necrosis that must be ruled out.
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