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TikTok Bans Forex, CFDs, And Crypto Trading from Branded Content
26-07-2021, 11:37 AM
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TikTok Bans Forex, CFDs, And Crypto Trading from Branded Content
TikTok Bans Forex, CFDs, And Crypto Trading from Branded Content

Popular video sharing and social networking site TikTok has updated its creator policies around Branded Content, which now outlaws TikTok creators from posting Branded Content on “Financial Services and Products”. That definition includes (and seems to be mainly aimed at) forex trading, crypto trading, and CFD trading, alongside a longer list such as credit cards, buy now pay later services, bail bonds, and debt consolidation services.To get more news about forex trading, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  TikTok creators can still post their own content on financial services, such as views on trading forex and crypto or specific shares and indices. The ban just applies to Branded Content.
  TikTok defines Branded Content as content where the creator receives something of value from a third party in exchange for the post, to promote that brands products or service. It could be a brand endorsement, partnership or other kind of promotion for a product or service. This could include content which features or references a product or service which has been gifted by a third party, or for which the creator has been paid to post about, whether in the form of money or a gift. It also includes posts for which the creator will receive a commission from the third party if other users purchase the product or service, whether via an affiliate link or by the user using a promotional code.
Branded Content also includes content for which the creator has a commercial relationship with the brand, such as a brand ambassador.
  Top TikTok‘ers with tens of millions of followers such as Charli D’Amelio can reportedly earn upwards of USD $100,000 per Branded Content post, adding up to tens of millions of dollars a year. TikTok has seen a major uptick in Financial content over the past year, both of the branded and non-branded kind, in parallel with the global upswing in retail financial and crypto trading.
  Apparently TikTok was receiving an increased number of complaints regarding Branded Content scams, and took action by adding all Financial content to the Branded Content ban. Thus, forex and crypto trading joins a long list of banned Branded Content on TikTok that includes alcohol, cigarettes, dating services, weapons, food supplements and vitamins, pharmaceuticals, gambling, and political content, among other areas.
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02-07-2022, 09:49 PM
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RE: TikTok Bans Forex, CFDs, And Crypto Trading from Branded Content
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