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Midlife crisis in women, is it real or just imagining?
13-07-2021, 05:27 AM
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Midlife crisis in women, is it real or just imagining?
during adolescence We may have high expectations for the future. since work to the creation of a family Some may achieve the expected success. But some people may not be like that. It's called the midlife crisis in women. This is one of the major problems that middle-aged women may have to face. But how do we know that we are experiencing those problems? are you there Let's find the answer in this article of ทางเข้าjoker123.

What is the midlife crisis?
Midlife Crisis is a period of transition in middle age (35 to 55 years of age). the need to change Emotional confusion, thoughts, feelings, and people may have different characteristics of the midlife crisis. but for the most part will be related to the change both in action and in the sense as well as from the perspective of life Sometimes this midlife crisis can take years.

Most people experience severe emotional turmoil in their 40s. This midlife crisis can be a combination of a number of factors, including unresolved problems in the past. dissatisfaction with the present life loss of opportunity Or maybe it's the fear of an uncertain future. and aging

during adolescence We may have many life expectancy, but as we get older, we get older. Not everyone who is going to pursue their dreams has lost all. As we reach our 40s, many people begin to realize that they have traveled for more than half their lives. Realizing that I'm not young anymore and may regret what he cannot do or not satisfied with what he has done Anxiety about these things can lead to a midlife crisis.

What is the midlife crisis in women?
in the old days The midlife crisis was once defined by gender roles as Women will have a midlife crisis due to changes in relationships. While men experience midlife crises due to career changes. but at present There are more women working outside the home and raising their families. This has also changed the nature of the midlife crisis in women. The nature of the midlife crisis in women may vary depending on the environment encountered

Some women may cry all the time. Some people may be distracted during the meeting. You wonder why you're still doing this job. Or some people may be so worried about their marriage that they can't do anything. Women's life paths today are more relaxed than males. Many women may have high hopes about their job duties, such as wanting to become a CEO, before they face a real slap in the face when dealing with workplace inequality that is frustrated by their dreams, relationships, and finances.

However, although the characteristics of midlife crises in women may be more similar to those in men. according to the roles and duties that change over time But one thing that is clearly different is emotions and relationships It's always a major culprit in women's midlife crises.

Signs that a woman is having a midlife crisis
weight gain or weight loss
Women with midlife crises are more likely to have eating problems, such as eating less or eating more. These are the first signs that you are having problems with your thoughts and feelings. which is a symptom of a midlife crisis

feel jealous of others
You may start making more comparisons between yourself and others. and then feel jealous of what others have accomplished. Especially if that success is an accomplishment you've always dreamed of but haven't reached yet. And you may spend more time judging the accomplishments of others than planning what to do with your own life.

start questioning yourself
You'll start to wonder to yourself what you're doing. What is the benefit of doing this? And are you doing it right? These hard-to-answer questions may arise as you begin to feel lost. and doubting his own choice These symptoms are signs of a midlife crisis.

sleepless night
If you fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night It could be a problem caused by a drop in estrogen that goes into menopause. Menopause makes women more sensitive to the environment and other factors. that interferes with your sleep and eventually make you suffer from insomnia

If you start to feel that you are starting to have dissatisfaction with your life job duties various choices in the previous life even though it was acceptable and never thought of it before or experiencing symptoms such as the above signs You should be aware that you may be in the middle of a midlife crisis. should prepare and understand this symptom They will be able to deal with and correct them appropriately before they will harm themselves and those around them.
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26-06-2022, 05:18 PM
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RE: Midlife crisis in women, is it real or just imagining?
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