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5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
30-06-2021, 09:54 AM
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5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
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Of course, we women have different skin problems. But when you get older Everyone is inevitably facing the problem of enlarged pores. But don't worry. Because today we have brought 5 ways to help conceal large pores to share with the girls. have applied in order to achieve a naturally smooth surface What should be done? Let's go and see together.

1. Use products containing AHA.
Why does it have to be a product containing AHA? That's because AHA is a substance that helps in exfoliating dead skin cells. It also has properties that help accelerate skin cell turnover faster than before as well. which when girls Use AHA-containing products to apply to the large pores. This will cause the skin to flake off until new cells are created. The pores that used to be wide are shallow until they are almost invisible. However, you should choose products that contain AHA that has a concentration of not more than 5-10 percent, which is very good for your skin.

2. Reduce oiliness on the face.
Reducing oil on your face can also help reduce the size of large pores. which reduces it on the face This can be done by using a cream that helps to add moisture to the skin properly. In terms of sunscreen, it is recommended to use a water base with an SPF of about 15-30 is sufficient because the higher the SPF, the higher the amount of oil on the skin. until making the pores larger than before

3. Tighten pores with cold water.
Using cold water or ice compresses your face. It also helps to reduce the size of large pores as well. This is because the cold temporarily reduces oil production on the skin. You can notice that after using very cold water to wash your face. Enlarged pores are noticeably smaller.

4. Do laser hair follicles
Hair follicle laser is the most visible pore concealment. Because the laser will stimulate the creation of new tissues. along with the exfoliation of old skin cells Make pores shallow and tighten. It also helps acne holes on the face disappear as well. It is a worthwhile investment.

5. Cover pores with a primer.
Using a primer to cover up large pores It is an urgent shortcut for girls. who do not have time to take care of facial skin to reduce the size of large pores It is always recommended to use a skin primer before applying foundation. It should be left about 3 minutes before applying foundation to allow the skin to set. It will help your skin look smooth naturally.

You see, there are many ways to conceal large pores. Depending on the convenience of each girl, but if the girls Have the ability or time to take care of your facial skin enough. It is recommended to use the best way. In order not to have to worry about the problem of frequent enlarged pores.

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01-07-2021, 04:18 PM
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09-07-2021, 08:39 PM
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14-07-2021, 10:21 PM
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10-09-2021, 08:44 PM
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RE: 5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
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17-12-2021, 12:11 AM
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RE: 5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
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03-01-2022, 12:24 PM
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RE: 5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
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21-06-2022, 09:45 AM
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RE: 5 ways to hide large pores Skin problems that are inevitable as you get older
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