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What should you follow when “writing for us”?
14-06-2021, 02:50 PM
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What should you follow when “writing for us”?
People are always looking for new stories and new ideas. It helps to encourage reading and to engage. Therefore, we are always looking for unique, ready-to-use content. This is what sets us apart from others. If you have such an idea or such a story to tell, just bring your keyboard and technology write for us.

Yes you. We are always looking for new authors. If you have an idea that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward, we want to hear about it. But you don't have to wait for an idea that will redefine web design. Just try to give readers a fresh perspective on a topic that keeps you awake at night.

We'll be honest, though: writing for ALA takes work. We want your item to look its best and we'll push you to make it happen. Once accepted, you will receive a lot of feedback from our team and you will work closely with an editor on the revisions.
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05-09-2021, 05:30 AM
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RE: What should you follow when “writing for us”?
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