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ENHYPEN talks about first comeback, songwriting composition, and BTS, TXT senior grou
28-04-2021, 05:18 AM (Tento příspěvek byl naposledy změněn: 28-04-2021 05:19 AM od limited.)
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ENHYPEN talks about first comeback, songwriting composition, and BTS, TXT senior grou
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ENHYPEN comeback with the 2nd mini album BORDER: CARNIVAL with summary of interviews from the press conference on April 26, 2021 ago.

The ENHYPEN members were excited to make a comeback with their 2nd mini album after releasing their first debut album, slotxo BORDER: DAY ONE, five months ago.ENHYPEN broke many records from their first album. And also received 4 awards as a new artist in just 4 months

Returning this time, the boys ENHYPEN broke the same record again with sales of 450,000 albums since pre-order. And still has over 14 million followers on social media already

BORDER: CARNIVAL, ENHYPEN's 2nd mini album is full of songs that express the emotions arising from the unfamiliar experiences they encountered after their debut as artists. The song is divided into three group concepts: UP, HYPE, and DOWN, each of which represents a time when someone was persuaded to enter the Carnival. Join in the fun with those moments. And gradually began to Away from the real world

Title track song “Drunk-Dazed” is a song about expressing the beauty and energy of the Carnival. The moment enchanted the music that was the theme of the album, and the boys said the choreography in the song was three times more difficult than the choreography of their debut song and spent time practicing each other. Much longer

Besides working with a well-known songwriting team They also revealed that they wanted to do music among themselves, with Jake saying, “The 7 of us have a lot of passion. That I would like to compose my own music I challenged myself by composing songs for this album as well. Although my lyrics were not selected to include in this album. But I think it's a good opportunity for me to practice composing and keep challenging myself. ”

In addition, Jay also spoke about senior group BTS. “Most of us have been keeping an eye on BTS seniors and brushing our dreams over and over. Since we were trainees I have a lot of respect for them. And think often I want to learn from them, not just from their success. But it's their attitude of being an artist too. ”Young Jung Won The leader of ENHYPEN said, “RM (BTS's leader) told me that the leader (leader) is not the one who pulls them forward, but the one who keeps pushing behind them.”

In addition, ENHYPEN is an artist in the same label as TXT (HYBE). As a senior artist Jay said that TXT always gave them advice and encouraged them. We have been promoting new songs around the same time, we want to do something fun. With them "

The press concluded by answering Jungwon's question, “Someone said that (their comeback) it was like the battlefield of the 4th generation K-POP artists, but we are grateful to receive the title. That is the 4th generation artist's hot icon. We want to keep this position. And want to develop ourselves to have a more unique style in the future. "Young Sunwoo said that the goal of this comeback Is winning an award on a music show and taking selfies with the band members on stage.
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