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best clit vibrators
27-09-2022, 05:21 AM
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best clit vibrators
best clit vibrators

Clit vibrators – or clitoral stimulators/clit suckers/clit toys – are the reigning Queens of sex toys for women. Which hardly comes as a surprise. ICYMI, penetration alone doesn't result in orgasm for most people with vaginas. In fact, around 70% of clit-owners need clitoral stimulation of some kind to reach the big-O – namely because it's the clitoris which is home to the highest number of nerve endings responsible for sexual pleasure. 8,000 (!) to be exact. To get more news about 婷婷丁香五月, you can visit our official website.

Sure, using your fingers (or theirs) might get the job done eventually, but the best clit vibrators or vibrating clit suckers are a guaranteed way to take things to the next level – whether it's masturbation or partnered sex you're looking to elevate. Think: a stronger, fast and more intense orgasm. Necessary, since feel-good hormone - oxytocin - that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy floods the body post-orgasm. Here are the tried and tested clit vibrators worth adding to your cart.
Clit vibrators are sex toys that have been designed to stimulate your clitoris with vibrations of varying patterns and intensities.

Today, the most popular kind of clit vibrators are clit suction toys which aim to mimic oral sex through contactless “sonic wave technology” – a new technology that creates airwaves around your clitoris to suck it upward. Some brands have their own patented technology, so the tech itself can vary from toy to toy, but the main takeaway is that you don't need direct contact to experience intense clitoral stimulation.

Elsewhere, clit vibes also include the bullet vibrators and wand vibrators you're likely a little more familiar with.
Pondering on the difference between the vibrator you've already got stashed in your bedside table, and a clitoral vibrator? Let us enlighten you. Air-pulsing toys don't typically stimulate the labia with vibrations – rather, focusing all of their energy on the clitoris by sitting around the head.

Similarly, lots of vibrators – like rabbit vibrators – are designed to penetrate at the same time as stimulating the clit. Clitoral stimulators instead focus solely on your most sensitive area and cannot be inserted.
Before you start scrolling and shopping, remember that we all experience pleasure differently, and it might take you a few clitoral vibrators to find what feels best for you. That's OK. Before you add to cart, think about portability (after something you can fling in your weekend bag?) and number of patterns and intensity settings. You can always use it over underwear for a "quieter" sensation.
Pros: Buckle up: this clit vibrator can be fully controlled by your partner via a discreet app on your iPhone or Android device, meaning you can fully connect with your long-distance lover. It comes with sleep mode and low power features to save charge, and it's 100% waterproof so that you can indulge in the bath or shower. Reviewers reported that it's easy to switch between the different modes during use if you're controlling the device yourself, and it feels every bit as expensive as it is.

Pros: Another of the bestselling clitoral vibrators on the Lovehoney website is the Womanizer Pro40 rechargeable clitoral stimulator. It provides a contact-free pulsing sensation which simulate the feeling of oral sex for a seriously pleasurable experience. The silken, body-safe silicone engulfs the clitoris before pulsing its incredible suction waves; six levels of compelling intensity offer a range of delicious sensations.
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