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stronger and str
31-12-2019, 03:54 AM
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stronger and str
Today, I read The Story of a Wolf and Deer, and I felt a lot in my heart. This article focuses on: US President Theodore Roosevelt ordered the destruction of wolves in the forest in order to protect the deer in the Kabab Forest, and the deer herds grew more and more, resulting in the gradual reduction of green plants in the forest The forest is beyond recognition. This led to a huge ecological disaster: both the wolf and the deer declined. Explains the principle of mutual restraint between different animals, and warns people that they must abide by and respect this law of nature. The idea of ??President Roosevelt in the text is good, but he ignores a law of the biological world: every animal in the biological world is interconnected and restricted. This is an objective law in the development of the biological world, and cannot be changed and transferred casually with the will of people. We must objectively recognize and judge the mutually restrictive and interconnected relationship between living things. Can not judge the good and evil and good and bad between animals based on one-sided understanding of human beings, and take ridiculous and wrong measures to influence and interfere with the balance relationship between animals and creatures based on this one-sided understanding There is one more point to make serious mistakes: a sense of crisis in life. Here, please tell me a story first: there is a fishing village in Hokkaido, Japan, where a delicious eel is produced, and many fishermen in the fishing village live on eel fishing. But the eel's life is very fragile, as soon as it leaves the deep sea area, it will all die in half a day. It is strange that an old fisherman went out to fish for eels every day. After returning to the shore, his eels always jumped alive. However, several other fishermen fishing for eels, regardless of how they are disposed of, are all dead after returning to Hong Kong Marlboro Red. Because live eels are almost twice as expensive as dead eels, the old fisherman's family became a well-known rich man within a few years. The surrounding fishermen do the same as the old fishermen, but they have been able to maintain simple food and clothing. The old fisherman passed his secret to his son at the end of his life. It turned out that the secret for the old fishermen to make the eels immortal was to put a few pike in the eel. Not only are eel and dogfish similar, but they are also known as "Dead Opponents:" So several weak dogs encountered opponents in the cabin, and panicked around the eel heap in panic. Since then, he has activated all the dead eels in a full cabin to activate this Japanese fisherman. He knows how to catch eels. He knows that if eels are to survive, eels should always be in crisis Marlboro Lights. Only with a sense of crisis , Eel will not stop moving, so as to survive. What a convincing truth. Isn't the relationship between eel and dogfish the same as deer and wolf? Without a sense of crisis and prosperity The deer swiftly died due to physical decline. Isn't this a beneficial revelation for human survival? If you like watching the "Animal World" program, you will see a phenomenon: When the sun just rose, the African savannah The animals started to run. The lion knew that if it could not catch up with the slowest antelope, it would starve to death. For the antelope, they also knew that if they could not run the fastest All the lions will be eaten. With the lions, the antelopes have the ability to run fast and improve their physical fitness. Similarly Newport 100S, with the antelopes, the lions must keep chasing to avoid starvation. Therefore, the lion is also getting [/size]onger without a sense of crisis. Without a sense of crisis, it will lose the vitality of competition and eventually lose its viability. Happiness is a natural nature of man. Therefore, we must gradually improve ourselves and replace pleasure with a sense of crisis, and this is of paramount importance to one's survival or to lead an enterprise.
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27-03-2020, 11:40 PM
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