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Yongle are a model o
31-12-2019, 03:52 AM
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Yongle are a model o
The movie tells the protagonist Wang Yongle, a production captain of Sanyuan Village somewhere in Shandong in the late 1870s. After fighting cancer, he served as the secretary of the Sanyuan Village League branch in an unpredictable limited life. He led a group of outstanding rural cadres and the masses who took the lead and dared to fight on a path of trying to get rid of poverty and become rich. After experiencing little success in the cultivation of grain and fruit trees, he went to the northeast to learn about greenhouse technology. In the process of promoting greenhouse vegetable cultivation, he overcame various hardships and obstacles, and changed the history of winter vegetables in northern China. This film was developed by Beijing Dragon The filming of Er'er Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the release of Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. are based on Wang Leyi, the party branch secretary of Sanyuan Zhu Village, Shouguang County, Shandong Province, which faithfully reflects the tradition of vegetable cultivation under the leadership of Wang Leyi In the new situation, they used new science and technology to make a new way to get rich. The film hero Wang Leyi, based on Wang Leyi, is a typical party representative in the construction of a new socialist countryside. The film recreates many wonderful moments of his life experience, and at the same time shapes the very individual artistic images such as Secretary Liang and his mother. The film uses unique movie language, simple life scenes, and detailed characterization of characters. Sincerely praised the hero's spirit of unyielding fate and dare to challenge life. Sanyuan Village in the late 1970s was an extremely closed and backward village. The neighborhood can be beaten for an egg, a little detergent, and the brothers can be beaten for a water tank. With the support of the party, Wang Yongle, the production team leader, had just completed rectal cancer surgery and was unanimously elected by the villagers of Sanyuan as the new village branch secretary. Wang Leyi took the villagers' expectation of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich, and resolutely dragged his unhealthy body to bear the burden, even if he ignored the opposition of his family. Wang Yongle said, "As a village cadre mokingusacigarettes.com, especially a party branch secretary, you must do things in accordance with the party's line, principles, and policies. Without this, you can never do it well." For decades, Wang Leyi has insisted on "being a village cadre." You have to make the folks' days better and better every year. ��In his mind,�� No matter how small the folks are, it is a big thing, no matter how big your own matter is a small thing. ��These are not only what he said and thought, It is also what he did in order to lead the villagers of Sanyuan Village to get rich and take off the "hat" of the penultimate collective economy of the whole commune. Wang Yongle led the village party members and the masses to open the arable land and plant fruit trees. "Huaguo Mountain" to change the face of long-term poverty in Sanyuan Village. Although the village's economy is slowly improving Newport Cigarettes, it is still far from everyone's outlook. However, Wang Yongle has been persistent and working hard to make the villagers better off. So he gave up the factory recruitment index at the request of the villagers, so that his eldest daughter, Xiaoyue, fell to Qiaodong and died. As a father, he cried and screamed in the rain, but he still didn't give up. Belief. From autumn to winter, time flies, once Wang Yongle found an opportunity in the cucumber brought back by his brother-in-law. He took the production team leader Xu Dafu and the village's most literate young man Parliament Cigarettes, Li Jialin, on a train to the northeast. In Wang Yongle's sincerity, Master Sun passed part of his private anti-season planting cucumber technology, which he has studied for three years, to Wang Yongle, and said from time to time: "I hope you can understand. After returning, Wang Yongle, under the obstruction of many villagers, spared no effort to build a greenhouse technology that was carried out by consensus. "Kung fu is worthy of those who care about it." After the villagers saw the benefits, they also asked to join the plantation. The party secretary Wang Yongle kept the masses in his heart, and he did not keep the technology private. Finally, under his leadership, the people of Sanyuan Village all embarked on the Kangzhuang Avenue where the greenhouses were planted to alleviate poverty and get rich. Wang Yongle is an ordinary League branch secretary, but at the same time is a model for rural party members who care about the people. The construction of a new socialist countrysidena is a long-term and urgent task. Party leaders such as Wang Yongle are a model of the party and are also urgently needed by our people. Vigorously carrying forward the spirit of Leyi has a clear significance of the times, and his clean and honest government is also of great and far-reaching significance to contemporary party member education.
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13-03-2020, 02:53 AM
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