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Some people say
02-12-2019, 09:51 AM
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Some people say
Some people say that the sun is warm, but I say that the sun is the tireless teaching of my teacher on the road to growth. I remember once when I was in a self-study class in my first middle school. I took my classmates as an excuse for violating the discipline in the self-study class. I ��ll take a closer look at it ... this is the case, because entering the middle school brings the habits of elementary school into the middle school classroom. So I asked my classmates for homework in a self-study class. At this time, the teacher Mr Parliament Cigarettes. Ren, the head teacher, came in at the speed of a lightning-like face from the door and walked straight towards me. The teacher asked my classmates in front: "Why look back? Do n��t you know this is a self-study course?" I thought it was my fault, so I told the teacher: "Teacher, I asked him to do his homework." After listening to me After speaking, the teacher seemed even more angry, and shouted at me with a deafening voice: "Your fault, do you still make sense?" I was ashamed, my face was flushed, and I could not wait to find a place to drill in . After class, the teacher called me in front of her and said to me in a long and serious way: "It's not the teacher who criticized you. You have entered middle school for two weeks Marlboro Cigarettes. You haven't looked like a junior high school student. Same, how can we communicate? I lower my head, and then bow my head and say, "Teacher, I know. "Go back to classAnother time, I did not write the serial number when dictating. During the lunch break, the teacher called me and said to me, "Did I say that I had to write a serial number before dictation? Why didn't you write it? You see, we didn't write it when we wrote in the class? You told me Wholesale Cigarettes, Was it deliberate or did not listen? "I used an uneasy mood to answer the teacher:" I forgot when I wrote "I said softly, afraid that the teacher would reprimand myself. After listening
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