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y are full of expectation
02-12-2019, 09:50 AM
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y are full of expectation
Spring Cheap Cigarettes, summer, autumn, and winter are all natural scenes; joy, anger, sadness, and joy are all human feelings; sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy are all tastes of life. Among these things. We can taste the "happiness" shots in the early morning, sunny, spring breeze. A little boy with big eyes sitting on the back of the bicycle, shaking his hands and feet restlessly, seemed very excited. The front seat of the bicycle was the father of the little boy Online Cigarettes. He shouted, "Sit tight!" Beside us, the mother of the child, while watching them lovingly, reminded the child: "Be careful!" The little boy yelled, "Know!" "Mom, we At dusk, the pale yellow sun was like a thin bottle of wine, warmly spilled on people. An old man with a slightly humpback was struggling to step on a small tricycle of his own, and it looked a bit laborious. Bicycle In the back, he sat with his beloved old lady, and a small floral umbrella was installed on the car, a style that grandma liked Newport 100S. She was joking with her grandfather, and her toothless mouth kept closing. "Tired, come down and rest A moment? Asked the old lady with concern. "Where is my body strong and not tired at all?" Don't believe it, I'll show you! After finishing speaking, the grandfather stood up to speed up. The third sunset appeared in the sky, gorgeous. A pregnant woman who will be a mother holds her lover's hand lovingly, and writes infinite joy on her face, strolling in On a forest-yin path. In their eyes, the small tree is beckoning, the grass is nodding, and the flowers are smiling. They are full of expectations for a better life in the future. Together they take a sip of tea to the road of happiness and sniff A faint scent; listening to a song, feeling the beautiful melody; chanting, reading deep meaning. Happiness is ubiquitous, careful taste, let us feel the joy and fulfillment of life.

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