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There’s no question the man has take
25-11-2019, 07:54 AM
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There’s no question the man has take
Washington running back Adrian Peterson has set a goal of 2 Earnest Byner Jersey ,000 rushing yards for the 2019 season and that would look like a stretch even if the team didn’t have Derrius Guice on hand as an alternative to the 34-year-old in the backfield.Giving Guice time in the offense won’t help Peterson’s chances of crossing the 2,000-yard mark for the second time in his NFL career, but the thought around the team is that the 2018 second-round pick’s presence could help Peterson stick around the league a while longer.“Yes it can,” running backs coach Randy Jordan said, via ESPN.com. “but also delivered a lot. The thing I’m trying to get them to understand: All you guys can feed off each other. It allows them to come to the sidelines and see the whole game in a different light.”Peterson said during offseason work that “it’s way too early” to start thinking about how the workload is going to be divvied up in the regular season with Guice coming off a torn ACL Clinton Portis Jersey , but a healthy training camp and preseason should ensure that there’s going to be a bigger split of the work than last year. The effort to preserve the drama of the first night of the draft continues.Adam Schefter of ESPN, one of the two Disney-owned networks that will be televising the draft, reports that Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen will be present for the start of the team’s offseason program on Monday. The report comes with the kind of nothing-to-see-here flair regarding a possible Rosen trade, which tends to keep the Cardinals’ plans unknown, and which in turn tends to maximize the interest in the first night of the draft.Schefter also reports that the Cardinals “still have not engaged in active trade discussions to date on Josh Rosen. Other teams have asked about him, but to date Darrell Green Jersey , the Cardinals have not shown a willingness to trade him. To date….”This contradicts a recent (and in our view highly credible) report from Joel Klatt of FOX, who claimed that the Chargers, Giants, and Patriots have shown interest in Rosen, that one of those teams has offered the Cardinals a second-round pick for Rosen, and that the Cardinals want a first-round pick.The timing of a potential Josh Rosen trade becomes critical to preserving the inherent intrigue of the first night of the draft. If the Cardinals trade Rosen before the draft begins Sammy Baugh Jersey , the message becomes obvious: They’re taking Kyler Murray. So there’s an incentive for the league to encourage the Cardinals not only to keep things quiet, but also to throw water on the idea that a Rosen trade may happen.That incentive extends to the networks televising the draft. ESPN and ABC understandably want to blow out the ratings, and that doesn’t happen if Arizona’s plans for the first overall pick become known. If Rosen is either traded or it appears that he will be, Arizona’s plans for the first overall pick necessarily become known.This leads to an interesting question that was posed while discussing those dynamics on Friday’s : Will ESPN take the no-tipping-picks rule to the next level and instruct its army of reporters to refrain from reporting anything that would reveal Arizona’s plans? Will ESPN likewise encourage them to trumpet reports that would keep those plans in the dark for as long as possible?It’s an interesting twist that’s worth monitoring over the next 20 days, as more and more reports emerge regarding the things that may or may not happen during the first round of the draft.
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02-04-2020, 11:09 PM
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