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ntil the misty sight
14-11-2019, 09:08 AM
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ntil the misty sight
Until the misty sight flashed a trace of colored light, and opened the eyes that had been faint for a long time, the scene in front of him was crazy. With the colorful bubbles, the elves with wings are dancing. They sang in the melody of happy singing: "Come and join us! Don't swear again." I squinted and looked at the youthful elf before I knew that I was holding a lollipop in my mouth and holding a comic. The childish years have already made a difference with me, and the oncoming is a dream year. There is a beautiful story in every dream bubble. Poetry rain is a kind and beautiful girl. Like her sentence, she is a quiet and poetic, talented girl. Like every third-year student, she has to work hard for the upcoming exam, and for the past years. Shi Yu said that she likes to read books, especially in her favorite season - the autumn festival Online Cigarettes, reading the elegant romance little by little on the campus where the first French phoenix leaves are falling. "If I were wearing that one of my favorite purple sweaters." Shi Yu said with a sweet smile. The silver bell-like laughter and her sweet appearance are a major feature on campus. She likes to watch some stories about Guantianhua. She is also happy and sad with the joys and sorrows of the characters in the story. It��s a romantic autumn, but this fall, it��s very tired, but Shi Yu didn��t stop reading the autumn romance. She always thought that if she was the heroine in the story, then How good it is. But she did not know that a special autumn story would happen to her. In an autumn evening, the sunset glows red, and Shi Yu holds her favorite book and reads it carefully under the French sycamore tree in the lawn. Suddenly, the naughty wind blows off a beautiful leaf, butterfly Falling down like this. This caught the attention of Shi Yu, she closed the book, stood up, and gently walked to the leaves to pick up the fallen leaves. She just squatted down and saw someone picking up the leaf. She looked up and a boy full of sunshine and lack of handsomeness appeared in front of her eyes. Although it was in the same school, Shi Yu did not see him. The boy said kindly: "This leaf is very beautiful for you." Shi Yu was embarrassed to take over and said: "Thank you later Carton Of Cigarettes, she knows that the boy is a student who has just transferred, learning very well, and sports. Very talented. Especially the blue ball that Shi Yu likes to watch, he plays very well. It can be said that it is a legend in the school Marlboro Lights. Of course, it will also attract the eyes of many girls in the flower season, but those girls are also very envious of the poem rain. They are very good friends. Although they don't think so. In the days to come, the boy and the poems will read together in the fall, together with the fallen leaves, and enjoy the snow in the snow together in the winter. The boy always helps the poetry to answer the questions in the study. They became good friends. But when the spring of the next year, the boy had to leave, and left a letter, the letter of the rain and sad open letter, there is a piece of French phoenix leaves, the poem rain looks down the sad Tears. The boy wished the poetry in the rain to get good grades. The poem rain looked up at the window and remembered the poem she had read: "Wave away." Even more, I want to return to zero, and complain about it. The eyebrows are slightly like hate, and the tears are still going back. Knowing the misunderstanding before the book. I have danced through the clouds, and I have known that I have been sighing. I only have to learn from the life of Shi Yu, because she knows that there is a kind of sustenance in her, a hope of silence, an inexplicable sorrow, stuffing The space of my heart, I have been thinking for a long time: the story has just begun, but how close is it to the end? At the moment, I picked up a lot of things. There is a kind of beauty that is down from me. Maybe this is really just a flower season mood. , a watchful season in the rainy season, a romantic season of youth
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RE: ntil the misty sight
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02-09-2020, 03:18 PM
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RE: ntil the misty sight
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