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lerance and poetry
04-11-2019, 04:24 AM
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lerance and poetry
Hometown, how kind and warm words are. It breeds the life of the hometown, is the harbor where I grew up, there are memories of my childhood, the youth's hope - the inscription in everyone's heart, there is a land of dreams, when she is proud of her, when she is frustrated Thinking of her Newport 100S, on the holidays, touching the scenery, thinking of her whenever and wherever, the vast space, leisure time, will not fade this feeling, this land makes our life more vivid, this side makes us dream Land is our lovely hometown. Looking at the map on the east longitude 107 degrees, 27 degrees north latitude Marlboro Gold, is it you? My hometown - Chun'an you, the blue sky, the bright yellow rapeseed, and the streets that are full of hot days, make me crazy. It is the morning of my hometown: I have a biscuit in the early morning. The scent spread throughout the streets, with a variety of snoring and snoring in the unspoiled fog; "������", the high-heeled shoes in the sound of cement soil awakened the sleepy morning scene, crisp and sweet, so that the hometown It is unique in the morning. The dusk of the hometown is the most drunken home: the sunset is like a little girl's red face, warming the water and stone under the west gate, the grass and the wood, the original green river becomes red, bright and sparkling under the sunset map; When the bird returned, the wings were slightly tilted, and they broke a gentle corner. The people washing clothes on the shore also concentrated into a shadow under the afterglow. In this way, people can't help but think of the "Essence of falling and the lonely, the longevity of the autumn and the water". In today's real life of bitter resentment and fame and fortune, the hometown people retain the original lightness, but live poetically in the blue water and blue sky, there is no colorful neon, no Nordic style construction group. There are no urban landmarks that stand out from the crowd. Diane, is this really the people of you? The place where I live is not as sweet as the milk of Dongting Lake, but the most authentic Ximen River water has nurtured us year after year, from generation to generation. Hometown, your children have not let you down, the people who grew up under the red base, the bones are born with a blood that is not afraid of danger and innovation! The age of war is hard, but there is hope in hardship! What is not enough to eat, our spiritual food is sufficient! We are not afraid of wearing anything, our hard bones are hard! It is the loyalty of the people of hometown to the motherland that cannot be shaken by the displacement. As long as there is hope in the heart, the barren land will also produce strange flowers. It is precisely because of the dreams that the hometown of the 21st century sang the song of fashion in the new socialist countryside. You, without the majestic momentum of Beijing, there is no clean and elegant wind in Dalian, and there is no sense of warmth and richness in Jiangnan. Diane, my hometown, I love you. Too many flashing neon mokingusacigarettes.com, the moon and the stars are not really cut. The sky of the city has long been unable to distinguish the color, not as soft and blue as the sky in the hometown, and there are few stars in the stars, such as a few rhinestones on the dark blue brocade. I listened carefully - listening to my hometown telling the truth; I looked up - looking at the beautiful arc of my hometown; I closed my eyes - smelling the simple folk customs in my hometown. How can people who are used to high-rise buildings understand the tolerance and poetry of my hometown? It��s not like Shanghai��s excellent essay, no more than a very rhythmic four-character quatrain in Xi��an, but you are a very beautiful landscape painting. You are a whistle under the Yanliang. Wonderful. Diane, my hometown, I love you. My favorite hometown, you are the April day in the world, you are a paradise on earth... You are a song in my heart!
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