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interest, no m
07-10-2019, 08:33 AM
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interest, no m
Confucius also said: "Those who know are not as good as those who are good Marlboro Lights, those who are better are not as good as those who are happy." Shakespeare once said: "Learning must be in line with your own interests before you can benefit Cigarettes Online." It is, the interest is the best teacher. It leads me to the light. Interest made me fall in love with calligraphy. On a walk, I saw an old man practicing calligraphy in the park, the green lake; the daylight; the trees; the pure clouds... The old man��s face was filled with a smile of joy, and he gently picked up the brush. Gently rub a few times on the ink tray, gently lift the brush, gently waving on the rice paper, although light but vigorous. I was attracted by the "landscape" on the rice paper, and the mind seemed to float in the beautiful picture. Going home every day to look at the scenery outside the window, I really want to pick up the magic brush and skyrocket in the newspaper. But the impulse came to my heart, and every day I ran home madly, picking up the paint pen and staining the black paint in the newspaper. Happiness and joy are filled with my heart. Although there are only thin lines and strange fonts, it will make me feel very happy. My interest in calligraphy is seen by my mother. The next day Marlboro Gold, to my surprise, I had a beautiful brush on my desk, a ceramic ink tray, a stack of raw paper, a wool felt and a textbook. My mother also reported the calligraphy class for me. Every day, I kept writing, and I used my heart to describe it. I sketched my dreams in a stroke. Finally I learned a little and I got some small interest. A good teacher, because of my interest, I will discover the color of life. Because of my interest, no matter how big the difficulties and setbacks ahead, I will go forward and work tirelessly. With the power of interest, no matter whether it is rain or lightning, the warm current will support me, sail to the far side of my dreams, reach my childhood on the other side of the flower, thank you for the days of my companionship, and let me realize the taste of happiness.
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