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07-10-2019, 08:32 AM
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Information uered by the Unit
I like to walk, it is my interest to be in a daze while walking; discover the beauty of nature and the joy when walking. When I am tired of life here, I will go to the countryside to see. A hurricane sneaked into the fields and played with Wufa Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Occasionally, the sporadic mud was hidden in the wind, which made me face dusty; but there was also a small wildflower on the side of the road Online Cigarettes, bringing a touch of aroma. I am not tired of this wind, this sand, this bumpy stone road, Ren is difficult. The small mud pit at the Tianyu recess is also a shallow otter after being washed by rain. The shallow otter is filled with clear water, and the water is reflected in a blue sky, kissing the tender grass tip. Tian Hao overflowed with tears, and a clear water shone, tears stretched straight to the end of the sky. This clear water, looking for the end of the day without direction. And how can the water of a girllike infatuation know that this day is endless. The water is looking for it, looking for it, embracing the embrace of big rocks. And the stone is so deep, like mother love, so breathless. The mainstream of the water hits the stone, and the tributary impacts the loose soil and pulls out a hole. So, the water flow from the mud hole out of this clear water, flowing into my heart, the road to life is not this water? When people encounter bumps, they will naturally stop moving forward. They will try to conquer difficulties, no traces, helplessness, and seek new ways out to them. Looking for a new direction in life, I will take another step and move forward. The small wildflowers on the side of the road are hanging down. The naughty wind, bulging the gang, blowing the shallow water, mixing the sand, splashing a small wild flower in a muddy water. Xiaoyehua is not ashamed or annoyed, still hangs his head Marlboro Gold. Its small world is this ridge, this side of the water, this inch of land, this meter of sunshine. It has nowhere to hide. If the small wildflowers, look up, its fragrance will provoke some insatiable bee butterfly, the aroma drifts with the wind. Perhaps the wind was conquered by the United States. In life, looking up and facing it, it��s just a life attitude. Then, we don't have to blame others for ''weakness'', ''ordinary'', and sigh the power of ''weak''. The evening wind sings softly, the water is low and weeping, the evening glow is quietly gone, but the time is too daunting to let the interest disappear is the best teacher, it leads us to discover the true meaning of beauty - the beauty of nature, the beauty of life
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