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HYT H2 ALINGHI 248-TT-02-NF-BN Replica watch
30-09-2019, 09:16 AM
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HYT H2 ALINGHI 248-TT-02-NF-BN Replica watch
[Obrázky: HYT%20watch%20H2%20248-DL-01-GF-KG.jpg]

HYT H3 – Linear Fluid Revolution

Today, the amazing team of HYT, led by Vincent Perriard, has released another news. Last time was the HYT skull I wrote here.HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG

Phenomenon engineering works reinvented what we said or at least showed time in a completely different way. HYT's hydraulic mechanical watchmaker proposed H3. Fundamentally, it is the same as the previous models H1 and H2. However, there are big differences. As a capillary containing the colored liquid, it is no longer "circular" but follows the contour of the outer casing. It is very straight now.

I can only imagine that this news made you feel overwhelmed. Do I blame you for this? Absolutely not, but before you finally decide whether this watch is different and ultimately cool, please read on!

This time around the new part, the circular capillary was eliminated and manual operation was eliminated. In fact, it completely eliminates the layout of standard watches. At the moment, it all sounds linear, and you can't be wrong. The outer shell is an epic thing, measuring 62mm x 41mm. The contour and side profile of the case reminds me of the wing, smooth and purposeful shape. Below the bright tube is a set of six cuboids, each with four faces. This watch does not have a dial, but instead relies on this set of 6 to indicate time. Each time they are rotated, they show hours from 0-5, then 6-11, 12-17, and the last 18-23. In fact, a special complication is designed that allows the entire array to rotate the dial itself, showing only the relevant hours. The other three faces are no longer visible.high quality replica watches ,When the retrograde changes in hours and the energy stored in the bellows move the colored liquid back to its starting point, everything is related to poetic movement.

Also unlike H1 and H2, a bellows that moves liquid within the tube is mounted at both ends of the capillary. Again in a linear direction. The message seems to be related to telling time in a linear manner. HYT even designed and developed a linear display with a minute display that uses a double articulated arm that sweeps across the scale. This is also a retrograde mechanism.

To date, the best part of the HYT horse s has appeared. Thanks to its two barrels, it has a 170-hour power reserve (about 7 days). Made of charcoal gray PVD coated titanium and platinum.

For me, this is a technical miracle that really reshapes what HYT has done for a long time. Gone are the days of moving liquids, and they have now paired them with retrograde hour display and retrograde minutes. It's very interesting with its open working mechanism and the appearance without a dial at all. Just like the bare cylinder of a car engine. Every surface and angle should be carefully examined. Dark, clumsy and damn cool.Bell & Ross Vintage BR 126 replica Watches

Charcoal gray PVD coated titanium and platinum, surface micro-spray, satin finish
Length: 62 mm
Width: 41 mm
Height: 16 mm
Screw-in force gauge crown, rubber sheath
Thread offset lug
Dome sapphire crystal (box) with anti-reflective coating
Titanium open back cover
Water resistant to 30 meters

Retrograde fluid time
Counterclockwise indication
Crown position indicator (TNW)
Power reserve indicator (back)
Rotate the hour button
Mechanical manual winding, HYT exclusive movement
21,600 Vph, 3 Hz, 53 jewels
Titanium alloy frame decorated with micro-foamed grey PVD coating, decorated with titanium satin finish, rhodium-plated bellows
170 hours (7 days) power reserve
Sapphire minute dial
Aluminum hour dial
Black crocodile
Charcoal gray PVD coated titanium folding clasp

HYT continues to look for ways to hybridize with the new H2 Blue in the watch to enhance the H2 series. This piece is a functional amalgam between fine watchmaking and fluid mechanics. The birth of the H2 watch was jointly proposed by the hydraulic mechanic and the APRP team (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi). The new HYT H2 Blue is Utopia, which becomes a reality by trying to purify the combination of mechanical and liquid in the watch. The company broke the boundaries of the traditional watchmaking industry, but was loyal to the most stringent high-end watchmaking rules.

He achieved the feat of using liquid to indicate time and shattered them by joining two diametrically opposed worlds. Watchmakers and engineers MAISON dominate the law of gravity to use energy in portable clocks. The H2 series represents a new concept of time measurement that combines high-end timepieces with science in an innovative design. HYT has taken a place in the high-end watch industry and has taken hybrid technology to new heights. With this H2 Blue, the watch's hybrid movement architecture has been redesigned and deconstructed.RICHARD MILLE RM 035 replica watches

It is a mechanical mechanical watch with mechanical properties. The double barrel that can be seen from the back of the watch provides eight days of power reserve and the force needed to coordinate the mechanical function. The border indicates the minute on a black background with Arabic numerals. The torrent is filled with every space in the organization, giving life to the skeletonized building. Highlights include blue retrograde liquid hours, 30 minutes of minutes displayed by "dephaseur angulaire"; crown position indicator (HNR); temperature indicator although H2 was first introduced in 2013, this year HYT models this Introduce a 50m diving DLC ​​anthracite titanium case. The Arabic number indicating the time is usually blue, just like the time the pointer indicates the liquid. The screw-in force gauge crown is lined with black rubber.

Its DLC anthracite titanium dome is polished at 6 o'clock and its dome sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating. It is equipped with HYT patented microfluidic modules, such as two multi-layer metal bellows, medical grade glass capillaries with internal nanocoating. Thermal compensator for bellows with special liquids. Comes with a blue alligator strap and a black DLC titanium folding clasp. Escape can be seen on the 12 o'clock clock that hangs from the arched suspension.

There is a temperature indicator at 9 o'clock that lets the wearer know when the liquid is at its optimum temperature. However, the hydraulic mechanical part HYT of the movement has an integrated temperature control unit so that it can compensate for small temperature changes.Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica watches

Exclusive HYT movement, 28 rubies, 192 hours (8 days) manual movement
Blue retrograde liquid hour; timed with "dephaseur angulaire" at 30 minutes; crown position indicator (HNR); temperature indicator
Titanium DLC anthracite, 50 meters
48.8 mm
Blue alligator

[Obrázky: Bell%20&%20Ross%20watch%20BRG126-BL-ST-SCR.jpg]
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