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t passed through was stepping o
20-09-2019, 04:21 AM
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t passed through was stepping o
Woke up in the afternoon, my head was groggy. Sleepy eyes. God seems to be to make me more awake, a breeze blowing, touching my cheek. There was a little irritability in my heart, and I felt that this kind of life was very boring, and then I suddenly remembered that life is just like this. We live forever under the claws of destiny and think that we have got rid of it. As everyone knows, it is orthodox to raise the overall situation. Nothing unexpected. The world consists of the reincarnation of one life. He was born to die, but for a moment. After a moment, a flower of life quietly blooms or fades. Silent. I want to organize my feelings, then I lied with books, turned back, stepped on the old footprints, and walked deep into the soul. The memory is running at a rapid speed, and the scenes of the old days in my mind flew over. Then I stayed silently in my childhood, when I was six years old. In the yard of the small family. Play a classic game of eagle catching chicks with a group of good friends Cigarettes For Sale. I volunteered to be a "chicken mother", and then we decided to make an "eagle" with the stone scissors cloth, and the rest of the people made "chicken baby." That afternoon, we played very late, until we dispersed, still reluctant. That afternoon, the sky was bll of maternal love. Unexpectedly, but with a look of stunned, I do not remember this matter. Yes, we all grow up, become sensitive and changeable, understand the perfunctory camouflage. Where is the child who was innocent and pure in adolescence, like a fickle two-faced school, with a bright sunshine and a lonely autism. Sometimes, standing on the two sides of the junction, I seem to not know this person. I feel that I am horrible, so that even my own will be isolated from the world. When I was at night, I felt that I was isolated from the world and I was ignored. Sometimes, it feels because I have closed myself up, the closed world Marlboro Red, no one else, only one autistic self. Surrounded by me, only the tall wall youth is a wonderful guy, it comes and goes by itself, free and easy. Youth is really a bad guy. When he comes, he doesn��t say hello to me, so he steps into my life with impunity; when he walks, he won��t say hello to me, just quietly stepping out of my life. Every step of the soul that passed through was stepping on life, looking back at the past, and suddenly found that there was such a beautiful scenery along the way, but I have not stopped to watch it. The past can't be chased. In the future, I will take every step. Join hands with youth, even if every step is painful, even with blood, accompanied by pain. But I will not be afraid Marlboro Cigarettes, because those feelings of hard work will be my most precious memory.
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