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Love is constant, I always
05-09-2019, 09:27 AM
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Love is constant, I always
The loser thought of countless successful pictures. Flowers, wine, trophies, money and warm applause under the podium, as well as praise and admiration on people's faces. He is eager to hear others say this, it is amazing, young. The loser thought that he would wear the simplest clothes that day, and his expression would be as silent as his soul. He will cough and then gently push the glory: Oh this... This is a success for me, but it is experience, thank you. Then he wants to go slowly and calmly, silently waving all the flowers, wine and trophies. He said, oh thank you. He thought in his heart that the people present and the newspapers of tomorrow will definitely praise him. He does not admire fame and fortune. He wants the loser to think, if he succeeds, if he is on the podium that day, he will be like this. do. He just wants to prove himself, nothing else. Flowers, wine, trophies, money, and praise are just foils. It is meaningless, but the loser fails. His painful silence, nothing, I have nothing to lose, shut myself in the room, he wants to polish himself. Will. At this time, it was summer, the room of the loser was facing south, and the window was bright and summery. He was a little bit stunned, and then he sighed and pulled the curtains. He thought, knowing and calling again. He thought, how is it so hot, I am a failure. The mother of the loser comes back from the farm. She is always worried about the loser, so she bought a watermelon. She told the loser through the faded wooden door, so hot to eat the melon. The mother of the loser thought: If he succeeds, how good he will be, so he will be happy. The loser came out of the room. He and his mother were eating watermelon in the small living room. When they finished eating a piece of melon, they felt cool and the sweet juice was still between his teeth. He went to wash his face again. He thought, which successful person has no experience of failure? He thought about it Cigarettes Online, I will succeed. Flowers, wine, trophies and money are not the purpose. I am trying to prove that I have passed two summers, and the losers still have no success. The loser's mother picked up a few bunches of jasmine from her neighbor, found a pot, planted it, and placed it in front of the loser's window. It grows green, makes people feel comfortable, but never blooms. Losers are often awakened by the scent of flowers in the summer night. He sleeps in the curtains and sees that there is still a wild eucalyptus in the backyard of the green loser's house. When the loser is still alive, it grows up, grows tall, but does not bear fruit. The mother of the loser still takes care of it carefully every year, but it has never been fruitful for more than a decade. In the third spring of the failure of the loser, it actually produced fruit. The yellow leaves that are yellow and tender under the long leaves are in full bloom. The loser smelled the scent in the room. The loser thinks that it will all bear fruit. It must be a good fortune. I want to be more diligent. I will certainly become a loser and start to work harder. He is writing hard, and the mother of the loser is always trying his best to take care of his life. . When the loser smelled the jasmine, he always saw the mother's fine hair blown by the breeze Carton Of Cigarettes. She had a white jasmine flower on her hair. She was busy in the yard after the failure of the seventh loser. In the summer, the loser finally succeeded. At that moment, the loser was overwhelmed. He was excited and silent. He didn't immediately get on the podium. He couldn't wait to go home. He ran to the yard. At that moment, he was surprised to find out how much he was eager to see his mother. Mother still cares about flowers and plants as usual. He touched the mother's glimpse, he thought, how long it took to hold her like this, how so thin. The loser looks at the mother's face, and the vicissitudes are beautiful. The mother smiled, she said, I bought melon. At that moment, he suddenly understood things that he had not understood for many years. For example, the jasmine that did not bloom, such as the eucalyptus loser in the backyard, thought that his belief came from his mother, a heart that did not want to be kitsch, if not a mother, he might already Reach out to catch your greed. He gazed closely at his mother's tired but still hopeful eyes. After so many years, he succeeded, but he realized that he had failed Wholesale Cigarettes. I have an arm that can be lifted straight. I can also point to the direction of the sea and the grasslands. Love is constant, I always believe in love. I know, no matter how much you want your success, you actually believe it. Success sometimes means failure and must be seen clearly. Because the white scorpion is over the gap, because the Baiyun Cang dog, it may be better to return, look at the flower spring is the spring breeze, the real love is in the embarrassment, why do you always have to come late.

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27-08-2020, 12:04 PM
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RE: Love is constant, I always
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02-09-2020, 12:16 PM
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RE: Love is constant, I always
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