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Isabelle Pilson Stanford Field Hockey and Ema Kuczura Duke Rowing
11-07-2019, 05:30 AM
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Isabelle Pilson Stanford Field Hockey and Ema Kuczura Duke Rowing
– Throughout the summer, student athletes participating in The Rubenstein Bing Student Athlete Civic Engagement Program are sharing reflections from their experiences abroad. This week, Duke and Stanford ACE participants check in from Vietnam.

A Day in the Life in ACE in Vietnam 2019
By Daniel Karlin https://www.dukebluedevilsjersey.com/ami...-c-10.html Duke Football and Aaron Wright Duke Football ACEinVietnam

6 55 We arrive at camp to a mass of 6th graders excited for the day. We begin the day with our color teams for some team bonding before beginning classes for the day. Each morning we teach two sports classes and two academic classes along with one life skills class. Aaron teaches physics and baseball, Daniel teaches math and basketball. More

By Jack Herkert Stanford Men s Track Field , Tim Sah Stanford Men s Tennis and Michaela Reinhart Duke Women s Cross Country and Track Field

As the week went on and the team of American and Vietnamese coaches fell into a rhythm Mason Plumlee Jersey, it now feels like we are actually teaching the kids. The invisible wall that was there at the beginning of the week has fallen largely due to our fantastic Vietnamese partners and their ability to adapt to our teaching styles and do a million things at once translate both ways, teach, learn American sports, and still form relationships with the kids . More

Xin Chao
By Peyton St. George Duke Softball and Morgan Hentz Stanford Women s Volleyball and Beach Volleyball

Among both the 6th and 7th grade students, we have noticed the courage and bravery it takes to learn a new language https://www.dukebluedevilsjersey.com/sea...-c-12.html especially among brand new people in their lives. Their willingness to try their best and make mistakes in order to understand the material has been so fun and inspiring to watch. Although we see that our students may be a bit shy to begin, with encouragement and the assurance that it’s okay to make mistakes when learning, we see them speaking up more. More

Meet the ACE in Vietnam 2019 Team
By Isabelle Pilson Stanford Field Hockey and Ema Kuczura Duke Rowing

MOT, HAI, BA, ACE VIETNAMExclamation After a week here in Long My https://www.dukebluedevilsjersey.com/ant...-c-11.html, camp is off to a fabulous start, and we’re all looking forward to two more weeks of exploration , learning, and new relationships. More

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