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Thoughts are a very wo
14-06-2019, 09:46 AM
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Thoughts are a very wo
Thoughts are a very wonderful thing, illusory but real existence, just like the film technique "Montage", piecemeal, messy, but once the thoughts are affected by the outside world, they are devastated, fragile and sensitive; After returning to God, only the cold screen left, and a song "City House" came from the sound. Xu Wei��s courageous and tender voice sang "Once your eyes looked so simple, ah, point to your clean soul. When did you start to become full of scars, and if you wear a mask, if you don��t hurt, you will read the master of the infinite master. In the book, the master said: If you want to be a family, rule the country, learn to learn, and cultivate yourself, you must first serve me. Ten kinds of wonderful medicine can be achieved. The prescription is like this: compassion, a good belly, gentle half, two points, the letter is important, the straight one, the filial piety, the honest one, the full use of the haze Marlboro Red, convenient and unconstrained. Stir-fried in this medicinal wide-hearted pot, do not focus, do not dry, go to the fire three points, grind in the equal pot. Think twice, six Polo honey for the pill, such as Bodhi. Daily into three clothes, When you are in detention, you can use the soup to send it. You can serve it according to this, and you can take it without any disease. If you can use it all the time, you can make it to Fushou. Become a Buddha. If you use its four or five flavors, It can also eliminate crimes and prolong the years, and eliminate disasters. All parties do not need to use it, and regrets nothing to make up. Although the doctors are blind, the so-called illness is anointing, and it is difficult to heal; praying for the heavens and the earth, wishing the gods, and knowing the sorrows. This party does not miss the main employer, does not charge the medicine, does not cook, and does not accept this ten-paste medicine, "compassionate heart" is to have a kind of compassion in our hearts, to treat people with a common compassion. It��s the sorrow of the great compassion, that is, we must understand everything in this world and in everybody of this world, with a compassionate concern, to forgive everything, and to say When we treat people, we must be kind and always have compassion Marlboro Gold. The smile is always open, laughing at the ridiculous people in the world, the big belly can accommodate, and the world can not tolerate things. Buddhism speaks of reincarnation, causality is reported, good people will eventually have a good home, good people can be safe and sound, do not have to fear and live in this troubled world, and will not be disturbed, and will never be condemned by inner conscience, forever There is no inner suffering, and you will always be happy and happy to live in the red and dust of the red dust. It means that when we are getting along with others, we must be modest and prudent, treat others and be jealous, instead of blindly winning. Gentle, we will have a kind of affinity, which will make our family more harmonious. The so-called family and everything is constructed with such gentleness Newport 100S. In society, this half-two gentleness allows us to better integrate into this society. It is possible to allow others to accept us quickly, thus forming a three-point social reason for harmonious well-being. It is to be wrong when it comes to things. Everything must be divided into three parts, remembering to make trouble. A reasonable person will not be embarrassed, and will not push himself to a situation where there is no way to go. Anyone who is reasonable can cope with calmness mokingusacigarettes.com, no loss of proportion, can solve problems, and is very good. It shows that the moral cultivation of the individual is important. It means that people live in this world, they all want to be honest. When one talks about honesty, they will gain the trust of others and even the whole society. Honesty is the foundation of being a human being. Fundamentally, people do not believe in standing, and a person who does not speak honesty will never be able to get a straight line from others and the recognition of the society Marlboro Cigarettes. That is, to be honest, to be straightforward, to take the wrong path, and not to be lazy and slippery. Those who go straight on the right path will be candid, unconstrained, and walk on the road of life, and they will be able to go through the filial piety. They should filial piety to their parents who have raised their own sorrows. Sorrowful parents give birth to me. As a descendant, we have no reason not to be filial. They are the parents who gave you the flesh and blood of the flesh and blood, and we will raise the adult and give us the truth of being a human being. The grace of parenting is greater than the heavens. We must let our parents quietly endure in the old days anyway. This is not only for every child to be honest, but to be honest and honest, to be practical. People who are tempted all day long, who are not doing business, will not have a good mood, nor will they have a good life. Honest, it will be innocent. "Full use of the yin" tells us that we must be good at y
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