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Since ancient times
04-06-2019, 03:27 AM
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Since ancient times
Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has always followed the "filial piety Newport 100S." The so-called "hundred good filial piety first", it can be seen in the hearts of people. This time, I and several small partners intend to carry out a meaningful activity: to visit the elderly who are not around. So in a hot afternoon, we knocked on the door of the old man. The children of grandparents are in Xinjiang. They are very enthusiastic when they see us. They quickly greet us to sit down and come to fruit. Grandparents, do you have any help from us? "We are a little embarrassed to have nothing!" Grandma smiled. "You can talk to me and talk to me!" Then she told us about her children and the previous story. Until the sun turned west, Grandma reluctantly "put" us away. She lamented: "Today's time can be really fast. We just talked to the old man, but they are as happy as the grand prize. Then my grandparents? Now more and more empty nesters are born, and they are born as younger generations. We have never thought of doing our duty in the past, and my mind has a lot of thoughts. "Go home and have a look!" "I heard a voice in my heart calling." On the day of doing your filial piety, my mom and dad drove back to the country, and I saw my grandfather standing in the village with the scorching sun. When I saw us, he was very happy and smiled Online Cigarettes. "I heard that you are coming, just stand here waiting for you." Grandpa, who smiles like a child, is like a child. "So hot days, how long have you been waiting?" I was worried about seeing my grandfather's clothes that had been soaked in sweat Cigarettes For Sale. "Nothing, nothing, just for a while!" Grandpa has been very happy Marlboro Cigarettes. "Come on, I opened the air conditioner and cut the watermelon." Grandpa, we just did what we should do, and you paid too much for us. Walking into the yard, I saw Grandma coming out of the kitchen, full of crystal sweat. When she saw us, she said happily: "Today we killed the duck, stewed soup!" I looked at the table full of food, but did not expect so much sweat inside Wholesale Cigarettes. I turned back and found that Mom and Dad were silent. We went home to do our filial piety, let the hard-working, long-lost grandparents enjoy the fun of the family, but I didn��t expect it to make them work harder! "No, you run all the way, take a break!" "... I sighed in my heart: It��s your rest of the country, pumpkins, melons, you have to take some of it!" Grandma suggested that they move to the car without our consent. "Mom, there are just a few pumpkins in the country. How do you move all the cars?" Mom was in a hurry. "It doesn't matter. Eat more!" Grandma rubbed the sweat on her head and looked at me. His eyes were full of love. When we stepped back in the sunset, grandparents and our "filial piety" to the old man were missing too much. Sometimes, going home to see and do filial piety is the most beautiful behavior.
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