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In the lush, leafy forest
04-06-2019, 03:26 AM
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In the lush, leafy forest
In the lush, leafy forest, live with the rabbit mother and her three children - the boss is Ying Ying, the second child is bright, the smallest one is Jingjing in the summer of a weekend, the rabbit mother buys The dish has gone. Suddenly, there are unexpected events. Just as they were having fun mokingusacigarettes.com, a storm came suddenly, the leaves were blown up by the wind, the rabbits were scared together, and the houses behind them were blown away by the wind. They floated down the wind, and they floated outside the forest. It was so quiet that even a needle fell on the ground, and the rabbits were next to a lake. A breeze blew, just as calm as a mirror. On the surface of the lake, there was a ripple of fish scales, and a little silver flashed in the rays of the sun. The lake was as dazzling as a pearl. A row of trees was planted by the lake. Ah, a piece of green leaves hung on a tree. It was like a lot of jasper hanging on the tree shining in the sun. It was beautiful! On the ground, green There are crystal clear dew on the grass. Suddenly, an angel flashed golden light and descended from the sky. He waved his magic wand and a white cloud floated out. The angel said to the little rabbits: "Come up, I will take you to a place!" "Good!" Three little rabbits Answer in unison. Close your eyes together. In a blink of an eye, the bunny saw the "first tall tree in the world" at first sight. The angel smiled and said: "We are here to stop the rare storm in the forest. What you need to do is: put the world The tallest leaves on a high tree are taken down Newport Cigarettes, and the houses in the forest will be rebuilt to let you live a happy life. But I also want to tell you: I can change anything, if anyone picks the leaves first, There are prizes! "I will come first! I will come first!" Yingying volunteered to run under the tree and said loudly: "I want a ladder!" "No, I want a ladder." Of course, you can't climb the tree!" "I abstain!" "I want to give it a try!" Jingjing stood up and said to the angel: "I want a long rope and a big stone Cigarettes For Sale. Is this OK? "This is OK!" the angel said as he smiled and recited the spell. The rope and the big stone were all drilled out of the magic wand. Jingjing smashed the big stone on one side of the rope and forced it to throw it up and hang the stone. The rope just fell on the highest branch Newport Cigarettes Coupons, pressed it to Jingjing's ear, Jingjing smashed his feet, and easily took off the leaves. Suddenly, Liangliang and Yingying admire the five bodies, immediately The small hand was shot straight. At the same time, the storm in the forest stopped. The angel excitedly picked up the Jingjing, and gave Jingjing a box of gold and silver treasures and a pot of happy spring water that could never be finished. Finally, The angels let the white clouds blossom and send three cute little rabbits back to the beautiful forest. Since then, there have never been any storms in the forest, and the animals have lived happily ever after Cigarettes Online.
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