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My experience in coercive relationship
09-03-2022, 07:07 AM
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My experience in coercive relationship
My experience in coercive relationship

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"When you're in a coercive, controlling relationship, it's not all bad, otherwise you wouldn't stay.

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"Generally, the person draws you in with lots of positives, you fall in love, and that's when the controlling starts."

Anna McMorrin has been Cardiff North MP since 2017, winning the seat twice for Labour.

On International Women's Day, she has spoken about her experience of being in a coercive relationship.

She told BBC Wales that "people shouldn't feel stigmatised" and that "anyone" can find themselves in such a situation.

Ms McMorrin called for changes in the justice system and said it has "very little understanding" of coercive control.

The Labour shadow minister for victims and youth justice described how the relationship started well, but soon changed.

She said: "Sometimes it's about not knowing what's true, what's not.

"That's about a person confusing you on lots of different levels about where they are, what you're doing, how you spend your time.

"Withdrawing their love, then giving it again. Having affairs, denying them, deleting things from your laptop, from your phone.
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