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Tom Pelissero is reporting that
15-05-2019, 10:44 AM
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Tom Pelissero is reporting that
the Detroit Lions have been listening to teams that are inquiring about wide receiver Golden Tate. Pelissero says the Lions would have to be “blown away” to move the 30-year old receiver. He then goes on to say that they would be “blown away” by a 4th round pick.The only issue with Tate is that he is in a contract year. If the Titans were going to acquire him they would have to sign him to a contract extension or he could possibly just be a 9 game rental. Tate is still very productive. On the year he has 44 catches for 517 yards and 3 touchdowns.If the Titans are serious about making a run this season Curley Culp Jersey , there is no reason they shouldn’t offer the Lions a 4th round pick for Tate. He would be a huge upgrade over everything they have behind Corey Davis, and has obviously been far more productive in his career than Davis has been. The Titans got a huge win last week over the Patriots. You don’t need me to tell you why it was such a big win, but I will give you a couple of reasons anyway. The Patriots are the standard of the NFL over the last decade plus and they knocked the Titans out of the playoffs last year. Oh, and the Titans hadn’t beaten the Patriots since 2002. That’s absurd.With all of that being said, this game against the Colts is astronomically bigger than the game against the Patriots was. The Titans are 0-9 (!) against Andrew Luck. Again Delanie Walker Jersey , absurd. This is also a division game and a win would move them to 3-0 in the division. It would also set up a HUGE Monday night game next week against the Texans. We talked to Mike Keith on Locked on Titans earlier this week (listen here) and he made the point that the Titans absolutely have to get at least 1 of the next 2 because there is a huge difference between being 4-1 in the division and 3-2 in the division. Just think about how huge it would be if they were 5-0! That’s possible if they play well.I’ve been talking with some people this week about how we, as Titans’ fans, have this problem where we just expect a let down after something really good happens because that is what this team has done to us time and time again. I think they can help us move past this battered fans syndrome with a win over Andrew Luck in Indy.
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