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Spring rain awakens
07-04-2019, 04:45 AM
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Spring rain awakens
Spring rain awakens the sleeping earth, and Xia Wei reminds me of the old faded time. Let the autumn wind blow the golden wheat field, we pick up the intoxicating spine on the riverside. The classical folk song from the album "Ideal and Reality" Newport Box 100'S, brought us to the old time with guitar sound and flute. . The first time I heard this song was on a certain night in the late autumn, I felt subconsciously that the old days were actually beautiful in the old days of the autumn, and the good times were not too long. So some people used simple words and melodious songs to commemorate them, so some people were so fascinated by this moving melody. Spring is coming to autumn, the heat is cold and the time is bright. We heard childhood and we heard youth. Seeing the sprouts of the grass sprouting green, seeing the lotus blossoms under the scorching sun, seeing the fiery red maple leaves and the yellow of the ground, I saw the endless white snow. I also had no worries, sitting in the field singing. That year, I was innocent, stepping on the creek in a daze. That year, I still didn't know that my childhood passed away quietly. In that year, I was saddened by the dense trees, covering the path under the setting sun; the faint clouds smashed my childhood dreams. The drizzle of the rain, the smell of the clear grass, the taste of the soil is always so memorable. Chasing the creek in the dream, singing in the air and the birds until the evening winds over the chest. A child who has never lost, dreaming that the starlight is marshmallow, the round moon is a crib. In this way, it is just a child's hope in the old days. Crystal clear old time Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. There, everyone has their own past, and everyone will mature from childish. As long as there is always a miracle and a coincidence, romance and beauty are gentle. One day, the time will fade, the earth will fall asleep Marlboro 100S Carton, and one day, we can go back and pick up the familiar melody along the small river of memory. Until the sun sets, until the evening winds, until this winter warm sun, you have occasionally thought about this winter's warm sun Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes. In fact, the sun has always been, just never paying attention to his warmth Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale. The same is true of the human heart. Old time, old time. If you have it, cherish contentment.
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