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Time flies so fas
07-04-2019, 04:44 AM
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Time flies so fas
Time flies so fast, and soon the spring of flowers blooms. The early summer that is starting to rise is coming. I and my wife are glued to my little granddaughter every day. It is easy to expect the May Day holiday to come. I thought that my son and daughter-in-law will take a small holiday and take a small granddaughter. We can always be like a ghost in the water every day. Going ashore and breathing, let me and my wife take a good rest for a few days. Oh, this little wish, God does not satisfy us. On April 30, the wife said to her wife. Mom, Dad (her mouth is very sweet, dad, mom doesn't leave, anyway, lie to the dead and not pay for it) You bring children every day, hard work, you have to work hard. Let's relax and enjoy the festival, we will travel to Paradise (Suzhou), the wife said. We don't go, the price of the holiday hotel room is expensive, you bought a new house, you have to pay back the loan Marlboro Lights Online, you can save some money and save some money. My daughter-in-law said that I have booked the room of the CYTS Oriental Suzhou Jingsi Garden Garden Hotel Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. I can't retreat. I have no choice but to take the little granddaughter to the Suzhou Jingsi Garden. The CYTS Oriental Suzhou Jingsi Garden Garden Hotel is in Suzhou. Wujiang Tongli Ancient Town and Wujiang City. The price of the room is 758 yuan a day. It is not expensive. Each room is free to send two tickets to Jingsiyuan next door. The ticket is sold for 70 yuan and two 58-yuan buffet breakfast coupons. The hotel gives the impression. The room was extra large, so it was very comfortable and spacious in the room. Another advantage is looking out of the room. beautiful landscape. It��s refreshing. From the hotel garden side there is a convenient access to the hotel to the Jingsi Garden Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. As a private modern Suzhou garden, Jingsi Garden features Qi Stone. The hotel is right on the side of Jingsi Garden and the environment is quite good. Unfortunately, because my phone is not high pixel. The photo taken is not good, so the photo will not be sent! We drove to the hotel 80 kilometers away, the son opened very quickly, 1 hour and 5 minutes arrived, when the hotel was 12 noon, because it was a small holiday The room was very tight, although it was already booked. But it has not yet been vacated. We had to wait in the lobby, the naughty little granddaughter (she was carefree) and went straight to the children's amusement park in the lobby. After waiting for more than an hour, we got the room card and went to the room to rest in the afternoon. We tour the Jingsi Garden along the hotel's convenient access to Jingsi Garden. Jingsiyuan covers an area of ??more than 100 acres and was built in 1993 and was completed in 10 years Newports 100S Price. The name of the garden "Quinging Thought" is the meaning of peace and tranquility. The building in the garden follows the classical garden of Suzhou. There are both small and unique Suzhou gardens and the grandeur of the royal gardens. There are Heting Bridge, Xiao Chonghong, Jingyuan Hall, Tianxiang Book House, Pangshan Caotang, Sumen Brick Carving and Bonsai Garden, Monuments of Scientists of the Past Dynasties, and Stone Carving Gallery. There are a large number of Lingbi stones in the garden. In particular, "Qingyunfeng" is more than nine meters high and weighs 136 tons. The most important thing to remember is the stone and garden. In the collection of various fine stone, the number of Lingbi stone is the largest. Only the Shishishan house displays hundreds of pieces. These ��Lingshi Stones�� formed by the volcanic eruption of the volcanic eruption 500 million years ago are famous Chinese famous stones. The stone is hard and moist Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, and the color is purple, black, gray, etc. The shape has turtle life, tiger scream, flying horse vacant, lion leaping, welcoming pine, Ziyunfeng, Liu Wei, etc., it seems to be worthy, it seems to be worth mentioning. All are amazing people's magical work. The structure in the garden, magnificent and open, elegant and elegant, there is a wind pavilion rain building, water and moonlight, nine cloisters, all the halls and halls are beautiful, and you can feel the depth of the mountains. Look at the lake, and smell the lotus. This is the case. You will be forgotten. The troubles are gone. Give thanks to God and give me life. I can see the beauty of this world!
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