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Feelings are nowhere
22-03-2019, 11:40 AM
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Feelings are nowhere
Feelings are nowhere to be placed, even deep in the heart, fearing that they will be smashed, so that they are afraid of it and can't hide the heat of this emotion. I would rather be a waver Cigarettes Free Shipping, not all the world, but to enjoy myself, not to be afraid of today, to protect myself cautiously, lest I be known by others to attract the ridicule and insult of the world Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, after all, I have always been It is the same as them, and they dare not want to change anything in the past. However, in the face of every minute that has passed, and every moment of the future, the uneasiness of the soul and the emotions accumulated in my chest make me anxious. I have never been a person who likes to be unconventional or stand out Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping. Instead, I always cover myself in the crowd. Even if I have the most accurate answer, I have never raised my hand. This is already doomed to my sad feelings. I would rather suffer from the pains of the law, and I am not willing to be treated with the cold eyes after the unconventional. In this way, even if I meet someone who is right again, I dare not reach out and touch, to hug, it should belong to me, but it is the happiness of others. On the contrary, I prefer to be a listener or supporter to bless his happiness, even if he has stated that we are the most suitable partner. This unknown cockroach grew from the time I was born and evolved into fear as I grew older. I never dare to outline the loss of many people's lives after I choose a person. Therefore, I am wronged, suffering, and living in violation of my heart Buy Cigarettes Wholesale. Because many people want me to do this or this is the most normal life in their hearts. As for my hope to embrace a person, it can only be a dream, an unrealistic dream. If you are alive, if you can't bear it, my sigh will go old. The stone mountain, which is not very big, but very round, is bare and has nothing Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Under the sunlight, it also reflects the dazzling light. Only a few narrow and deep, stuffed with stone leaves of dead leaves, actually with three bowls of thick, lush pine trees, it is amazing. what is this? This is a miracle of life creation. In such a day, the wind was wrapped in young pine nuts, and the east did not fall to the west, but fell on the stone mountain where the grass was not born. The hustle and bustle of the spring breeze blew, and under the moisturization of the rain, it actually sprouted. They look at it with a blink of an eye. There is nothing around them. In the face of such a harsh living environment, they are not depressed, desperate, but trying to find ways to live. The place where they fall is almost two meters away from the crack. Only when the root is inserted into the crack, there is hope for life, because there is soil formed by the decay of dead leaves, which can provide life. Moisture and nutrients. They gathered all the power, and the tender roots stubbornly leaned against the stone. Their roots are bare on the stone, and it is conceivable that every step forward is threatened by death. How many days and nights, countless spring, summer, autumn and winter, roasting by the fiery sun, frosty snow, they are not dead, they are concentrating toward the goal - rooting into the cracks, creating The miracle of life.
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