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Madden started the season an 1,000-point scorer
11-02-2022, 09:53 AM
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Madden started the season an 1,000-point scorer
"I don't know because we're not yet Mut 22 coins ready to expand. I'm hoping we'll become an elite team capable of accomplishing that. I don't believe we're yet there," Bales said of the team's chances of winning the sectional championship. "We've got to learn how to defend better ... try not to make mistakes that aren't forced. Therefore, we've got some learning to do. Certainly (a part-time title) is where we'd like to end up."

The Vikings ultimately will take them whatever direction Madden will take them. Madden started the season an 1,000-point scorer, who had around a 16-point double-double in the last two seasons, and is likely to soon exceed 1,000 career rebound.

Madden has been the most important component in the Blue River's return to the playoffs The team's victory on Tuesday night win 77-63 at Wapahani (4-2) showcased her importance. She scored 27 points, 12 of them in the fourth quarter , which put an end to the Raiders attempt to rally, and dominated the paint all game at both ends.

Madden is asked to do more in the coming season. Her role as primarily an interior player has been increased as she's allowed to sometimes play in the perimeter, as well as perform more shooting and playmaking.

Blue River's guards haven't had mut coins cheap as much experience as they were in the past so, when teams are playing an aggressive defense similar to Wapahani did the 6-foot-1 Madden assists in getting the ball back up when the point guard gets stuck.
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