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Cowboys vs. Jaguars: Blake Bortles is the single
11-03-2019, 03:52 AM
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Cowboys vs. Jaguars: Blake Bortles is the single
biggest variable for the Jaguars from week-to-week The Dallas Cowboys host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday Womens Zack Martin Jersey , so it’s time to lean some things about the Jaguars. For that, we reached out to Big Cat Country to get some answers to our questions. Check it out.Blogging The Boys: The running back situation is a little unsettled. How has that unit been without Leonard Fournette? Also, do you expect Jamaal Charles to play/have any real impact in the game?BTB: Blake Bortles is always a point of conversation among NFL fans. Last year seemed to help his reputation around the NFL, but how has he looked this year? How does the fanbase feel about him?BTB: Last week, the Chiefs were able to have some offensive success against your defense. How did they accomplish that? Did they expose any weaknesses in that unit?BTB: Talk about the play of Barry Church. He was a player that was a nice piece of the Cowboys defense when he was here. How has he been in Jacksonville?BTB: Lay out the scenario for the Cowboys to get a win. If you were the opposing coach against the Jaguars Womens Cole Beasley Jersey , what would be your game plan?BCC: If I am looking at this from the Cowboys’ perspective, I know that my 30th-ranked passing attack is not likely to be successful against Jacksonville’s No. 1 ranked passing defense. So, I am running the football with Ezekiel Elliot and scheming creative ways to get the ball in his hands. Once Jacksonville starts to key in on him and perhaps brings more players into the box, I am using play-action passes and short throws to the open receivers in the flats to try to pick up chunk yardage after the catch. Of course, that is much easier said than done against this athletic defense. If I am the defensive coordinator for Dallas Womens Tyron Smith Jersey , I am looking at what the Chiefs or Tennessee Titans did to the Jaguars, and trying to put the game in Bortles’ hands. Shut down the running game and pressure Bortles into bad decisions and turnovers. If the Cowboys are able to do that, they will definitely be in a good position to win. Here’s to hoping “good Blake” shows up on Sunday in front of a national audience. Thanks for the knowledge, Big Cat Country.Dez Bryant might want to play for the Dallas Cowboys again We’re in Week 5 of the season and Dez Bryant still isn’t on an NFL roster. It’s quite the site.Dez has publicly maintained that he’s had offers and that he’s simply choosing not to be on a team right now. We saw him visit the Cleveland Browns on Hard Knocks, but we really haven’t heard much from him since.The all-time leader in receiving touchdowns for the Cowboys was on social media once again on Tuesday Youth Anthony Brown Jersey , and he was showing off videos of him working out. See below.As it often has over the last six months, Dez’s social media dabbling included interacting with some fans and revealing some information. It’s become somewhat of a norm. One fan decided to shoot their shot and outright asked Bryant who he would be signing with. It was then that things ignited across Cowboys Twitter because he said he preferred a reunion with Dallas over any other NFL team.Dez has always loved being part of the Cowboys so it makes sense that they would be his preferred destination. Could it happen? He and Jerry Jones were hanging out at a Beyonce concert recently (seriously), so anything is possible.Would you want Dez back? Why or why not? Custom Indianapolis Colts Jerseys
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