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As the saying goes: t
08-03-2019, 11:10 AM
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As the saying goes: t
As the saying goes: the heart of beauty, everyone has it. Everyone wants to be born with beauty, but lucky people are, after all, a minority. What is the experience of beauty? In the school age, there is a girl in our class who is particularly beautiful, delicate facial features, white skin, and long hair of the waist, as if it is a princess coming out of a fairy tale. I am really not kidding. At that time, I really went to elementary school, but the children in elementary school have been able to distinguish between beauty and ugliness. Who is beautiful can already distinguish clearly. When I was in art class, the teacher always liked to call her a model Cheap Online Cigarettes. Our whole class stared at her paintings. She also accepted the eyes of everyone. She sat very well and proudly watched all the childhood playmates. She secretly loved her and always looked for me. The staff is going to give her a gift. Don't look at the fourth grade of elementary school, he has already opened his heart. Everything that the adult sent, he sent it all over, such as: chocolate, roses, notebooks, pens, pictures, etc., the ghosts are very good, but unfortunately there is no primary school graduation, we are not in a school, and never heard of her again. Rumors. Occasionally, a graduation photo of elementary school was seen by junior high school playmates. He was so excited that you actually met her. I was surprised to ask: Do you know? He said that she is a child of relatives and friends Cheap Newport Cigarettes. Once they got together in the New Year, they played together, but after they separated Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online, they contacted Up. He hoped that I could tell him the contact method. After I heard it, I didn't know her contact information. I could only helplessly shake my head and continue to move, waiting for me to go to high school. It was also a graduation photo of my elementary school. I was seen by a fat girl in my class. She shouted and said: You are actually a class with our class. It turned out that they read a junior high school, she is the class flower of their class, and can even be called school flowers. I asked if I could give her her contact information. She smiled and asked: Do you like her? Want to chase her? I said no, it is a friend in junior high school, she said she wants to go, her contact information How many people remember, don't give me the next set, I am helpless Newport Cigarettes Online, can only give up, so many years have passed Newport Cigarettes Carton, I don't know if this beautiful elementary school student is still beautiful. I only hope that she can find herself in the stars of the boys, she will become a distant legend, but always I want to give the girl I met beautifully, the probability is very low, met, is Fortunately, if you can't meet it, don't be discouraged. After all, if you look beautiful, you might as well live beautifully. If God does not give you beauty, I will definitely leave you some other treasures, waiting for you to discover.
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