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Buffalo Bills move down everywhere
14-02-2019, 03:13 AM
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Buffalo Bills move down everywhere
NFL Week 5 power rankings: The Buffalo Bills played horribly football during Sunday’s loss against the Green Bay Packers. Being shut out isn't what you want to see from your rookie quarterback against an average defense. This week the Bills will move down in all of the national media’s power rankings. ESPN bumps the Bills back just one spot from last week and now they sit at 31st Cheap Josh Allen Jersey , with only the Arizona Cardinals trailing them. The Packers moved up one spot from 10th to 9th. In NFL.com’s rankings, the Bills moved back five spots into last place due to a disheartening performance all the way around:“If Bills fans wanted to crawl into a hole on Sunday -- perhaps a hole in one of those cheddar blocks adorning the heads of Packer Backers -- you can’t blame them. To review, Buffalo was shut out in Lambeau. On the season, Josh Allen has outrushed LeSean McCoy by a healthy margin. The wide receivers are the sorriest outfit in the league right now. Allen couldn’t even muster 5 yards per throw on Sunday, even though the Packers’ defense quit attacking and let him complete throws late (clock ball). Meanwhile, Green Bay rushed for 141 yards. These aren’t exactly the Lombardi Packers Cheap John Miller Jersey , fueled by the power sweep. Alright, I’ll stop. If you think I’m being hard on the Bills ... well, not as hard as some Buffalo folk.”The Packers jump three spots from 12th last week and currently sit at 9th.This week, Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback had ten of their writers vote on power rankings. The Bills were moved back to 30th, three spots lower than last week. Green Bay moves from their 10th spot last week to 6th overall this week. CBS Sports moved the Bills back two spots and they are ranked at 29th this week. They are looking for next week to roll around to see how the Bills bounce back:“There are going to be games like they had at Green Bay with a young team. The big thing will be how they bounce back.”The Packers sit tight at 14 for CBS Sports. Finally, SB Nation brings the Bills back three spots from last week and they now rest at 31st while the Packers move up one spot to 10th.AFC East Roundup: Quarterback Play In Week 5 of the regular season we saw three teams in the AFC East come away with victories. The Miami Dolphins were the only division-mates unable to secure a win this week. The quarterback play was wide-ranging among the quartet of teams Youth Jason Croom Jersey , so that’s where we’ll focus our attention for this edition of the AFC East roundup.The GoodThere were a lot of good takeaways from the signal callers in the division this week. The New England Patriots’ Tom Brady threw his 500th career touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts and dismantled their defense in a commanding team victory.The Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen led his first career game-winning drive against the Tennessee Titans as the Bills won with a field goal as time expired. Allen also had the only offensive touchdown in the game on a 12-yard scramble. Fellow rookie Sam Darnold led the New York Jets to a surprising victory against the Denver Broncos, in a game where he continued to show flashes of the attributes coveted by the Jets’ organization. Allen and Darnold—along with Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns and Josh Rosen of the Arizona Cardinals—made it the first time in NFL history that four rookies went 4-0 in the same week they all started.The BadEven though Brady had a terrific game on Thursday night, he threw two interceptions. However, if he can continue to counteract them with all those touchdowns, the team should be fine. Darnold and Allen also each threw an interception, but they did just enough for their teams to squeeze out victories. The UglyWe’re giving Allen credit for the game-winning drive but his numbers are not all that impressive. He only had 82 yards passing on ten completions. There were times his accuracy issues plagued him such that a better ball would have led to more yards or simply a completion Womens Kelvin Benjamin Jersey , which is something he and his coaches need to address moving forward.Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins has not been discussed yet, and with good reason. After he and the team jumped out to a 17-0 lead against the Cincinnati Bengals, things went swiftly downhill. Tannehill threw a key interception that bounced off a helmet and was returned for a touchdown. The pick-six was followed by Tannehill fumbling on a scramble that was picked up and returned for another touchdown. He played a good first half, but he didn’t do enough to put the nail in the coffin during crunch time. Instead, his mistakes ultimately cost the Dolphins a victory.
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