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China secretly tests first hypersonic missile in move that catches US intelligence
19-10-2021, 11:33 AM
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China secretly tests first hypersonic missile in move that catches US intelligence
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China has tested a new space capability with a hypersonic missile, the Financial Times reported on Saturday.

The report, citing multiple sources familiar with the test, said Beijing in August launched a nuclear-capable missile that circled the Earth at low orbit before descending toward its target, which three sources said it missed by over 20 miles (32 kilometers).FT sources said the hypersonic glide vehicle was carried by a Long March rocket, launches of which it usually announces, though the August test was kept under wraps.

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The report added that China's progress on hypersonic weapons "caught US intelligence by surprise."

Henry Smith, the Conservative MP for Crawley, tweeted that this development highlighted the importance of the Aukus submarine deal when it comes to counter-acting China's growing military presence.

"If there was any doubt about the importance of AUKUS and democratic nations other strategic alliances to counter a malign Communist China, now equipped with globe circumnavigating hypersonic nuclear missile capabilities," he said.Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said he would not comment on the specifics. of the report but added: "We have made clear our concerns about the military capabilities China continues to pursue, capabilities that only increase tensions in the region and beyond. That is one reason why we hold China as our number one pacing challenge."

Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said China's military development did not target any specific country and it has always pursued a military policy that was "defensive in nature".
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